Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday: A Farewell to Splits

While taking my morning snort of mouth wash, I leaned against the pedestal sink and paused for a moment before I spat. From my left front pocket I heard a beep.

I had placed my watch in my pocket to take it to work like I do every Friday to enter the stats into my running log. That beep was the sound of seven 800-meter intervals disappearing into the ether. I erased my track session.

Now, I can plausibly deny any accusations of failure. I have a general idea of what I ran, but I won't waste your time with made up stats. Instead, as it is the last day of July and I have no run scheduled today, let's flashback over this month's running.

Here is July's statistical rundown:
  • Total Miles: 132 miles (17 runs)
  • Highest Weekly: 36 miles
  • Average Weekly: 27 miles
  • Average Pace: 9:26.8 per mile
  • Longest/Fastest Run: 16 miles, 9:32 pace
  • The Monthly Dif: +38 miles (94 miles in June)
I didn't miss any scheduled runs, and my overall pacing was pretty solid for each workout. The month included one race, the Davey Tree 10-K, where I set a new PR. August's schedule will smack me in the face right away with a 10-miler on Saturday and my first 20-miler on Sunday.

Back Talk
Wherein I continue to aggravate pregnant women and wonder what's so wrong with low mileage.

Pregnant Jess saw my weather report and it did not impress: "So, I'm staring at the weather widget you have in your sidebar, directly adjacent to this comment box, and I am noting that the weather there is reading 78 degrees.

"Dammit, man, that's NOT hot! That's what we set our A/C to here in FL.

"I'll accept your weather bitchin' and moanin' when it's snowy, icy, and cold up there, but when it comes to heat, don't bother mentioning it unless it's in the 90s!"

Answer: Boy howdy, you should have seen how hot it was last night at the track. It was like 76 degrees with 70 percent humidity. My shirt was super sweaty. It totally chafed my nipple.

And I'm not sure if Mike was impressed or not that I have already exceeded my previous marathon training: "You ran a marathon with a peak week of 34 miles?"

Answer: Actually, I ran two marathons last year with a peak week of 34 miles. Is that not good?

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend and good luck to all you racers. May your fast twitch muscles twitch faster than your DTs. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Sun Runner said...

I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, but why was your watch in your pocket and not on your wrist like a normal person? Oh, wait...well, I think I just answered my own question. ;)


Carolina John said...

still, pretty impressive territory viper. nice job in july! have a great weekend.

gin hall said...

Viper needs to be dropped off in the French Quarter on an August night- then you would know what real heat & humidity are all about. This Ohio weather is nothing pussy!

BrianFlash said...

I'm currently bowing to the training philosophy of Dr. Tim Noakes, who built his training around the work of Arthur Newton. One of his laws of running is "Accomplish as much as possible on as few a miles as possible."

Sounds to me like 34 mile weeks for marathon training fits nicely into that law.

Jess said...

You can blame both heat and hormones for my incendiary comment, and I promise that in January when I label 60F "cold," you can verbally bitch slap me in return.

Mike said...

I am impressed you ran marathons with 34-mile peak weeks.

I am also about as certain as I can be that you will run your next one much faster with the extra miles you're putting in.

mr loser said...

Congrats on a strong month. You're right: Ohio humidity sucks. Cheers.

X-Country2 said...

Are you really messing with Jess? Godspeed dude.