Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday: Final Flashback

If this post was the Alpha, then the one you're reading now is the Omega.

It's been seven years that I've been writing as your fearless leader of the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Team, and a lot has changed in that time. From hungover race reports to sprawling epics of virtual events, from blogger duels to terrible haikus, and from slaying my white whale to marriage-adjusted PRs — you've followed me through my drunken bachelor days, to marrying the love of my life and finally to becoming a dad.

There just isn't anything else to say, and so I'm following the path that others have blazed before me. I'm joining the ranks of Ian, Razz, Sun Runner, Xenia, Barefoot Josh and sometimes Nitmos in the great blogging hereafter before my posts succumb to further obnoxiousness.

Like all of my forebloggers, this site will not be taken down in its dormancy. I'll still read those bloggers I've been following for years, as I can't deny the draw of the online running community we've created. Perhaps, I'll post again when I have something interesting to say.

I believe this leaves Jess as the lone blogger whose site I followed from the beginning and who is still active. Her streak remains unparalleled.

There are several reasons why I made the decision to go on an indefinite hiatus. I'm no longer the booze hound I once was, nor am I the runner I once was. My priorities have changed such that the things in my life that I would normally share in this space are no longer commonplace enough to warrant the level of navel-gazing that a good blog requires. My posts have lacked the excitement and humor that make for an enjoyable writing experience, and by extension a good read for you. My focus just isn't here anymore.

This isn't goodbye so much as it's an announcement of my semi-retirement. Thank you all for reading about my adventures over the years, and for lending your support and derision in equal measure. Good luck in all that you do. Happy Hour is approaching. Remember, alcohol reduces pain and increases confidence. Run well and drink well. Cheers, forever more!


C said...

Welcome to the Slacker Blogger Club. At least you bothered to write a farewell post. I'll get around to it some day. Happy living to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

A raise of the glass and a toast. The Booze Hound in you will never leave. It's just dormant. Enjoy the hereafter.

One Crazy Penguin said...

I will raise a glass to you as well. It has certainly been a pleasure :)

Carolina John said...

I'm finding it harder to hang in there as well. Let me know if you ever come to Raleigh again!

Junk Miler said...


Sun Runner said...

As you said, there just didn't seem to be much left to say that hadn't been said before.

I haven't posted anything since May of 2013 and I don't even miss it. The guilt pangs of neglecting the blog have mostly worn off by now.

I'll see you 'round ye olde Facebook, of course. Also, if you ever make it to the Ann Arbor area, let me know, and we can visit my brewery.


Nitmos said...

Wow, thanks for making my sidebar links totally irrelevant and confusing now...the Stonehenge of anachronistic blog markers. I'm sure you'll sally forth into the blog world at some future time once you've marshalled your time and motivation.

Until then, cheers and good job! But...upon whom shall I heap my scorn now?

Robin said...

Cheers and welcome to the world of being overcommitted with activities and other priorities. I've loved reading your blog and I hope semi-retirement serves you well. Sneak in a post or two - I'll keep checking in because I do enjoy your writing style!

Jess said...

IDK if you can call my irregular and intermittent posts "blogging" as of late!

Best of luck with the new adventures (a la familia)! I've enjoyed your blog and will miss checking in with you!

Laura said...

Hope you WILL continue to check in on occasion - I have enjoyed your blog for years and it was what inspired me to run Akron Marathon as my Ohio marathon :)