Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Speed Tune Up

I have one last track session to get fast enough to PR at Monday's 5-K -- and to crush Mike's good humor. Tonight is my final tune up for the Great Funny-Viper Challenge.

I have been faithful in my weekly 800-meter repeats, but my fastest average pace was 7:35 per mile, which projects to a 23:34 5-K. That is not fast enough.

My PR is 23:28. And although Mike is recovering from an injury, I refuse to believe he can't come close to his most recent 5-K time of 23:08, especially if he is willing to cross the puke threshold as he says he is ready to do.

I know I have a mileage advantage, but I'm starting to doubt my speed training.

Heretofore, I have used Yasso 800s for speed training. However, in the June issue of Running Times, Joe Rubio writes in "Train Like a Miler, Race Like a Pro" that short, fast repeats are beneficial for runners of any distance. [Drunkard's note: It's not online yet, or I'm too cockeyed to see it.]

For one workout, Rubio suggests six to 12 400-meter repeats at 15-40 seconds faster than 5-K pace with 200 to 400-meter recover jogs. The benefit of the shorter, faster repeats is increased ability to tolerate higher levels of lactic acid; improved speed, form and efficiency; and increased cardiac output through an increase in stroke volume, which Rubio writes is the most important takeaway for a distance runner.

Coincidentally, the Grand Idiot wrote about 400s in concordance with his second "Summer of Speed." I hate to take cues from an idiot, but the fact is that idiot is a fuck of a lot faster than I am. Perhaps these 400s have merit.

Therefore, for my final speed session, I will do what the running gurus always say not to do: I'm going to change my training plan right before the race. Instead of six repeats of 800-meters, I will shoot for eight repeats of 400 meters at 6:55-7:20 pace (1:43-1:49 per interval). Suppose that will be enough?

Next time on Team BHI: Viper's training injury.


Jess said...

I saw a lot of numbers in this post, so I just sort of glazed over.

Best of luck with the switch in plans!

tfh said...

I say the shorter the interval distance, the better. Can you find me an article on the benefits of 200 meter repeats, please?

Viper said...

@ tfh: Same article in June RT: 8-16 x 200s w/ 100-200 jog.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good luck!

Spike said...

A week out, 800 or 400 doesn't matter, you have got to believe in yourslef!!! And run faster than you have even done before. Hope that helps.

Xenia said...

Weren't you the blogger yammering on about having faith in your training plan sometime last year?

Way to be a role model, lush.

Roisin said...

Good luck! Just remind yourself that the faster you finish, the sooner you get to drink the good stuff.

Nitmos said...

What no Fruit from your Anus? This 5k challenge is curiously devoid of ridiculous metaphors for my tastes.

As for the race? Break a leg.

I mean it.

S said...

OOH! I love reading about ill advised training plans and their downfalls. :-) Good luck with the new speed work.