Monday, May 4, 2009

Click-on Motivation: Race Entry

Last night I was invited to a Memorial Day party on May 24, and this morning I registered for a Memorial Day race the following morning. Just like last year. And I hope the result will be the same: a new 5-K PR.

The Viper is officially in training mode.

But unlike last year -- and the year before -- I will not have the benefit of having trained for and run the Cleveland Half Marathon the weekend before. Furthermore, this will be the first time I have actively trained for a 5-K. The Tallmadge Memorial 5-K is the site of my current PR of 23:28. I have never not PR'ed at this race. I plan on keeping that trend alive.

I also have never entered a 5-K with expectations. Now, I have to get in shape to average better than 7:33 miles. Based on my last track session, I'd say I have some work to do.

I have put together back-to-back 20-mile weeks for the first time ... all year. [Drunkard's note: Fuck! Seriously? Fuck.] The weather is finally in a stable, mostly warmish state, which helps my motivation. Despite the inconsistency in my running, I'm feeling pretty strong.

I have a race. I have a goal [TBA]. Now, I also have a plan.

For the next two weeks, I will build up to 26 miles weekly, with three quality runs per week:
  • Race Pace: 4-6 miles at my 10-K race pace (8:11-8:33), alternate weeks
  • Hills/Trails: 4-6 miles, alternate weeks
  • Intervals: 6 x 800 meters with 400-meter recovery jogs, progressively increasing target pace the following session
  • Long Slow Distance: increase to 10 miles during peak week
And then, the night before the race, I will fill up on barbecued hot dogs and burgers and drink a tremendous amount of beer, seriously compromising my efforts to record a new PR and crack the seven-minute mile pipedream pace barrier.


Spike said...

your training plan, especially the day before the race, seems perfect; your 5K per will be cooked like the hotdogs you consumed the night before!

tfh said...

Looks like a good plan. For you. Not for me. I purposely look for plans nowadays solely based on which one has the fewest 800 intervals.

Aileen said...

Beer is a carb. Or so I've heard. In any case, you might not being doing that much of a disservice to yourself.

P.O.M. said...

"Despite the inconsistency in my running, I'm feeling pretty strong"

Amen to that.

Mike said...

Hey Viper, how about a tiny bit more motivation?

I also have a 5k I always do on Memorial Day. The last 5k I ran was a 23:08 last July, but it'll be a real challenge to match that now after my layoff.

How about a virtual race for bragging rights?

Sun Runner said...

All of my best races have been fueled by night-before beer consumption. Go for it. Drink the sweet sweet nectar and crush your PR.

Hell, I downed 2 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stouts and a Dark Horse Blueberry Stout the night before I cranked out a 23:07 in my last 5K (that was on Saturday).

I'm still debating whether or not I should fuel up on beer the night before the Cleveland Marathon.

BrianFlash said...

Dammit - my drinking is less then yours and I have the 7 minute pace barrier that I'm trying to break. How can we calculate some kind of alcohol drinking handicap for our race times?

Ms. V. said...

put the bong down dude.

seriously, your drunkard's note had me laughing...

C said...

Will this be your last chance to score an AG award in the 20s category? Your b-day is pretty soon, is it not, Mr. Gemini?

Jess said...

The best way to PR is to plan on doing everything you shouldn't the day before. Excellent plan.

Carolina John said...

carry on viper. a race and a goal and plan is a good step. now how about some actual running?