Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday: Ease Up, Boy

I tried to invoke the Power of Yasso and knock out one last session of 10x800s before tapering. However, my leg had other plans. After the fourth repeat, my leg twinged some. After the fifth, I decided it wasn't worth it to Barbaro this close to the marathon.

5x800s (goal pace: 3:38.3 - 3:48.5)
  1. 3:29 -- Way not to overdo it, dumbass!
  2. 3:45 -- 'At a boy!
  3. 3:48.15 -- Well, now you're not even trying ...
  4. 3:44-- Hmm ... ouch.
  5. 3:47 -- OK, that's enough.
I have one last double-digit long run scheduled this weekend and then we enter taper madness.

Back Talk
Wherein I berate my readers for their ridiculous comments.

First of all, thank you everyone who congratulated me on my new half marathon PR. It's nice to know how much you all envy my running prowess.

Ms. V took her adulation of me a bit further than most of you when she said: "HAHAHA ... you are so my running hero. An injury? I would have milked that motha for days."

Answer: And that is why you'll never rule quite as much as I do.

MCM Mama keeps the important things in perspective when she reads about my racing: "Is it bad that I was just as interested in the post race beers as I was in the race report?"

Answer: Now is when I direct you to reread the title of this blog.

Shame on everyone who said I should follow Nitmos' pacing advice for my marathon strategy. Do you really think that after I relentlessly called him an idiot that he would actually give me good advice for my marathon race strategy? Duh!

However, Raulgonemobile thinks my booze-chaser strategy is gold: "Wow, maybe that's how I can improve my times ... Throw a bottle of scotch on the end of a stick ... mmmmm."

Answer: Yes, Scotch has often improved my times--especially my evenings.

Thouhg she may be a spelilng Nazi, Sarah shoed her loylty to me and steared me clear of Nitmo's surepticious ploy to get my to bunngle my race: "Never trust anyone who can't spell 'wield.' Who knows where else he will lead you astray."

Answer: Thank you for the warning. I hope you never misspell anything and lose my trust.

That's it. Have a good weekend all. Run well and drink well.


Marcy said...

You have a point with the Nitmos dealy . . .

gin hall said...

I want to know if you can beat the bot that is "running" thanks to my place of employment ---

chia said...

Have a great final "go long."

Ms. V. said...

~~can I get up now?~~

Vava said...

Great splits despite the leg, and way to stop and listen to the body. Tapering is good - you'll be bouncing off the walls in no time, and without Scotch at that!

Sun Runner said...

Pant...pant...pant...YOU SET ME UP, MAN! My head is going to explode. I can'

Well, I'm feeling pretty mellow since I have consumed...five? six? beers this evening so I shall cut you some slack. I just know you're trying to bait me. I refuse to take the bait...bate...wait...

It's 11:30 pm and I'm commenting on some lame is that? But I have had many beers tonight. So I rule. And so do you. Carry on, man. Carry on!

Nitmos said...

Thanks for defending my honor. I think. I don't read so good.

Laura said...

I'm shooting for 4:00 I think. If you really want, I'll carry booze to inspire you. Though I think you may be faster, so it might slow you down... we'll see.