Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still Idiotic

Wednesday was Day 2 of my Either Get Deliciously Lean or Prove Nitmos Is an Idiot (or Both) Challenge. At least, that is the current working title.

I know, some of you have your doubts (as do I, as do I) about the awesomeness of stretchy bands. Laura was all like, "Stretchy bands fit in my carry-on well when I travel, but they're just not as satisfying as real weights. Plus, it's really easy to wuss out on a stretchy band (just don't pull it so hard, or stand closer to whatever you're hooking it around), whereas with weights you're either lifting it or you're not."

These are all good points, and I appreciate the concern. I agree that weights would be better, and I do have a set of dumbbells at home, but the stretchy bands fit my apartment well -- not to mention my wallet's aversion to gym memberships. But I shall be careful not to wuss out.

As a beginner with these stretchy bands, I am following the "Beginner" program on the unhandy exercise poster that came with my Power Tubes. (Do they actually think I'm going to hang this thing?) Like some people, I work better with a set program, and these -- well, let's face it, they're instructions -- these instructions say to start with two days a week, focusing on back, chest and shoulders on Day 1 (that was Sunday) and then arms, trunk and legs on Day 2.

Day 1 whipped me pretty good, but Day 2 left a little to be desired. Trunk curls and crunches didn't feel very challenging, and the squats and lunges didn't do much for me either. I thought, Maybe I can do more. While still standing on the stretchy bands after the first set of squats, I thought perhaps I could work my calves into the workout. I stretched the handles up to my shoulders as explained for the squats, I lifted my heels, and -- thwACK!

Operator error.
Mission control to Viper, your feet were holding down the rubber band to create tension. If you lift your feet, bad things will happen. Over.
My back suffered a mild lashing. So I have, at the very least, proven that I'm an idiot. However, Nitmos is not off the hook yet.


S said...

I'm glad I'm not following YOUR stretchy band program. it sounds painful.

Sun Runner said...

My back suffered a mild lashing.

People pay professionals good money for that type of service. You on the other hand have figured out how to self-inflict said service! Somewhere, a dominatrix is crying...

Also, what's with all the Nitmos-bashing? Poor guy can't even defend himself seeing that he's on vacation. Low blow, man, low blow.

Marcy said...

What do I see here? What? What? What?

"Laura was all like"

Hmmmmm . . . Viper's usual articulate nature is going street on us ;-)

Oy, yet another reason why I could never use those babies. I'd hate to see the kind of injuries I'd end up with.

And as for Nitmos, get in all the shots you can while he's away LMAO!

Ian said...

If I might make a suggestion? Only hook the stretchy bands around an immovable object.

Also, just wanted to give you a heads up: In my post today (going up shortly) I am anouncing my intentions to beat your half marathon PR and in true Half-Fast style, arrogantly pronouncing myself a faster runner.

C said...

Marcy, Viper's vocab isn't going street, it's going valley girl. It's kind of disturbing actually. Dude, aren't you in publishing?

I use my stretchy bands infrequently for the same reasons. One of these days I'm going to take out an eye, I'm sure of it.

Aileen said...

I live in fear that the same thing will happen to me. Abject fear.

akRunner said...

My sister has a set of bands, but I refuse to use them... lol. I guess I'm afraid of getting hit. Thanks for strengthening my resolve.

P.O.M. said...

Since I posted Ze Plan on my page, you probably just copied me, assuming my awesomeness. HA! Good luck on your 20.

chia said...

If it makes you feel any better, I snapped myself so good it looked like I had a spare nipple on my left boobicle the last time I attempted those stretchy doos.

You should gratuitously kick the pants right off of our favorite ice cream flavoured blog-mate in this challenge I so lovingly refer to as "Drink More vs. Run Less."

I gain a new resolution vicariously through one of your victories and one of your defeats. See, either way, I win.

Laura said...

One more bit of advice: pretty much any piece of furniture in a hotel room IS movable, so be careful!

Also, I totally wuss out most of the time I use them. Sometimes I've considered "borrowing" weights from the hotel gym when I get there and returning them at the end of my stay. I'm not sure whether this is frowned upon... I'm not really stealing them so much as temporarily relocating them to my room, which is 24 hours (unlike the gym).

Jess said...

Man point Nitmos can't even stand up for himself...but I think that's half the reason I was laughing so hard.

tfh said...

Ha. I've set a stretchy band snapping across the room a time or two but that story beats any of mine for the sheer genius with which you managed to do it.