Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sick and Tired of Running

It has not been a successful week for running. Yesterday I succumbed to taper sickness. It's as if my body said, Hey, look, he's slowing down. Time to get a cold! Fuck you, body.

I think the cold was coming on Sunday, when I was out for my long run, which was supposed to be 12 miles, but trimmed to 8 miles. And then it probably didn't help matters when I sat outside listening to the radio while Hurricane Ike's remnants blew through Akron, tearing down tree limbs and outing the power so I couldn't watch the Cleveland Browns lose again.

I felt icky Monday afternoon, but didn't really notice until I got home from a busy deadline day at work. The good thing about that was it meant I could take Tuesday off. Which I did, skipping my usual Tuesday run.

But now of course, I'm freaking out about the race. I'm tapering too much! I'll be TOO RESTED! My training is G-O-N-E! I won't even make the first 5K. I'm DOOMED!

So, yeah, how's everyone else?

Around the Intertrons
  • Holy cow! Vanilla finally succumbed to our pestering and signed up for a marathon!
  • Laura is trying to track me down and beat me in the Akron Marathon. Mayor Don Plusquellic has already declared a booze emergency for that weekend.
  • Nitmos has discovered a new form of running: Akimbo Running. As with most of anything Nitmos suggests, I suggest doing the opposite.
  • Another runner with a pee story, but Xenia makes it seem classy.
All right, I'm sick and tired of writing now.


Vava said...

Hope you are on the mend, and perhaps this is your body saying you are not tapering enough! All the best!

Sun Runner said...

Remember: alcohol kills germs. If it works topically, why not internally?

Additionally, at least the Browns aren't the Detroit Lions, the NFL's "Losingest Franchise" since 2001. We're winning something...just not any games. (actually I don't give a crap about professional football, only the Michigan Wolverines.)

C said...

Man, you are sick. You're being nice to me again. Now I feel sorry for you. Stop that.

Chicken soup, oj, whiskey. Just keep ingesting that stuff. Probably best just to move into the bathroom for the next couple of days to make it easier on yourself.

Feel better soon.

Ian said...

I'm sick and tired of your excuses.

Also, you must be sick if you actually wanted to watch the Browns play.

Aileen said...

I agree with Xenia, whiskey is the ticket to recovery. In fact, my grand uncle Paddy (true story) swore by "Fiskey" for getting him to 97 years.

Recipe for Fiskey:

6 oz Jamesons (or your favourite whiskey, I won't judge)
1 tablespoon Honey
8 oz hot water
Mix together and drink!

Hey, he lived to be 97. It could work.

Anonymous said...

Illness is the reason god invented the hot-tottie. Warm cider is always good for the soul, and even better when fortified with a little whiskey. But all that stuff is for kids, real drinkers just warm-up the brandy and drink until they can't recall if they have a cold.

As for the tapering: it sucks! but use it to your advantage and sleep as much as you can. You're better off taking that extra time off then going out for a crap run and just beating your' body down more.

Other than that cry yourself a river build a bridge and get over it!

Marcy said...

WOW! I tend to agree with Xenia. You REALLY must be sick if you're getting all nice on us. What's next hugs and kisses for Nitmos? :P

Unknown said...

Time to hit Jagermeister !!! It works, dude !!!

Kristina said...

800 mg of Vitamin C. All at once. Works for me every time. Oh, and the whisky, too.

Nitmos said...

Well, well, I have suggested NOT to akimbo run. Therefore, you have suggested that everyone SHOULD akimbo run. Guess who will be laughing as I sit back and read sore elbowed posts from folks all across the country?

Just think about that wonderful post cold, white blood cell flood coursing through your veins in the days ahead. For a brief window, you'll be Superman (though, if I guess right, with a poor complexion and a penchant for slobbery).

chia said...

I had to thank Ike for a lovely 20 miler Saturday morning... now I'm feeling pretty much germy and sick as well. Oh well, it's taper time ;-).

So how super-quick like are you aiming to finish Akron?

AddictedToEndorphins said...

My theory to staying healthy during taper--carry around vitamin C and spike the drinks of those around you so that they stay healthy and you, in turn, stay healthy!


Spike said...

starve a fever, out drink a cold, that what Grandma always said.

S said...

Sounds like everyone else has already suggested the forget me mentioning that advice. But feel better!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Lovin' this taper like no other, except when I think about the race...not prepared...last two long runs sucked (as in worst two runs ever). eek!

the erratic epicurean said...

get it together man! i'm not eating and drinking heavily on race day to watch you "taper off!"

Ms. V. said...

Did you use the word *icky* in your post?

~~getting out thermometer~~


Jess said...

OJ with a splash of vodka should cure you right up.

P.O.M. said...

It's all in your head, man. It's all in your head. Just the taper-madness, kinda like Acid.