Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday: Low-Down Yankee Liar

The lone runner cuts a splinter of a silhouette against the background of a dropping sun. His movements rhythmic and economical, as he bounces slowly toward the westward horizon, leaving a wake of puddled sweat.

A closer look at this figure reveals his rigid brow, eyes squinted and bloodshot from beads of perspiration falling into them. He has the look of a wayfaring stranger, his way rough and steep, face lightly unshaven and grizzled from the effort or the elements. In another life, he may have been a--

Suddenly, a young boy's voice cries out over the passing traffic, "Shaaaaaaaaane. Come back!"

But, as that is not the Viper's name, he kept bounding into the sunset.

The sun may have left me more soaked yesterday than Saturday's rainy fun.

Back Talk
It's your favorite segment! Here are some of your comments from the past week and my clever retorts. And we have some fresh meat to roast!

In response to my weekend boozefest, which included a day at the ballpark, new commenter SJ Goody says, "GO CLEVELAND!! (What I really mean is 'Go Sox' but seeing as this is your blog (which is great) and my first comment on your blog, I'll respect your disgust with Boston but I was at Fenway on Sunday when Cleveland yet again beat the Rays and the Sox beat the Orioles to move into first... and Cleveland was easily the second favorite team in the house!) Indeed, thank you. :)"

Answer: Great, another Boston fan, whoopdeefawkindoo! Welcome to the team. As for the rest of you readers, let this be a lesson to you. You should always note how great I am, as SJ Goody does a good job of here.

And while I'm on the subject, another newbie has done well in noting my greatness. Rundangerously, of ... erm ... rundangerously fame, may be a little behind the times commenting on last week's review of Bart Yasso's book, but he hits the nail right on the noggin when he says, "great review! for another running book, i have 'what i talk about when i talk about running,' by haruki murakami on my 'to read' list. it s/be released on 7/29."

Answer: Clearly, you've compared our Yasso posts and declared me the winner. Thank you for the complement and reading suggestion. On a side note, when I think about Haruki Murakami's book I think about Raymond Carver's book.

[Drunkard's note: Welcoming technique needs work.]

Responding to my kicking ass at the track, Xenia says, "I see you've upgraded from Cringer to Battle Cat. Well done."

Answer: I see when you're not ripping off my nipples, you're picking up on my He Man references.

Regarding the same post, Laminator shows how wise he is and says, "You're a natural on the track! I say make those youth trackers yield to your supremacy!"

Answer: Obviously, I don't have to tell you how I dominated some of those short-legged young runners.

Don't forget about the Chin-Up Challenge! With the weekend ahead, tonight could be a perfect opportunity to throw your hat in the ring.

Run well and drink well.


Ian said...

Seeing as this is NOT my first comment on your blog:


Have a great weekend keeping your chin up.

chia said...

This hot humid crap is getting old. I went early in the a.m. yesterday and still came home soaked... can't imagine an afternoon run (that is what you're talking about with the "soaked" bit right? or did you come up with another "action descriptor" better than Nitmos' "limpy"?)

Have a great weekend mate!

C said...

You obviously enjoyed it or you wouldn’t be linking to it.


Have a good weekend.

Teacher Pursuits said...

HAHA!! Go Sox is right. Ok, ok, I promise I won't make it a habit of saying it... but just know that everytime I comment, I am thinking it. :)