Monday, July 21, 2008

The Perfect Running Hat

I'm not sure what it says about you if the owner of your local pub immediately thinks of you when he gets a shipment of Jameson Irish Whiskey baseball caps. And I don't really care what it says. I got a hat. It's free. It's light-weight. Voila! It's my new running cap.

When the proprietor gave me the hat Friday night, I immediately tried it on. Boy howdy, I felt like Cinderella! A perfect fit.

So, I guess I'm endorsing Jameson now. It's a fine Irish. It's my standby shooter. Goes down smooth. Sufficiently warms the cockles. I like it. I drink it. So should you. Jameson is a beverage for all seasons.

Needless to say, my services clearly deserve a sponsorship. I'll need a singlet and some shorts and shoes every six months and all my race fees covered. My lack of speed should be of great interest! Where else might you get fours hours of advertising with a potential audience of 100,000?

And all in all, I'm not terrible to look at -- for a drunk spokesperson. So how about it Jameson? Support the Viper and the Viper will support you!

My friends, I need your help. Consider this a call to arms. Join the Drunkard Action Committee! Write your congress-person or something. Go picket the Jameson distillery. Think globally, drink locally! We can make this happen! Yes, we can!

Losing Weight Is Easy
All I had to do this weekend to lose five pounds was go for an 18-mile run (with my new Jameson running hat!) on Saturday. At 3 p.m. With a temperature of 87 degrees. And a "high" UV index rating. At least the humidity wasn't terrible, a mere 48 percent. That lost weight really came in handy during the Chin Up Challenge.


Nitmos said...

The hat is missing the side beverage holder and straw for hydration. The first marathon fueled by Jameson? Could be you.

S said...

I'm mostly in awe of the weekend afternoon long run. I attempted to run in the heat...and decided it was NOT for me.

P.O.M. said...

I didn't lose 5 lbs on my run. Damn it. But I think I did on Sunday morning after puking my guts out from Saturday's binge-fest.

Sun Runner said...

Do you think I will get free stuff from Erie Brewing, considering I mentioned them by name in my last post?

I, too, have to wonder what kind of reputation (and mindset) I have when the best, most thoughtful wedding present we received was a pair of beautiful handblown martini glasses given to us by our neighbors. I guess the 100 consecutive days we sat on our porch having cocktails didn't go unnoticed.

chia said...

Great pitch there Viper! I need a good bourbon to throw in my baked bean recipe that might be kinda good on the rocks later on. What's a good one that won't break the budget?

Aileen said...

I'm glad someone appreciates a Jamesons fueled run as much as I do.

kassy said...

I found your blog quite ironically interesting. Im actually having problems drinking too much nowadays and having to skip on running due to insomnia - and then I get to find your blog. Hehe!

I've got to read more of your thoughts how to keep these beer belly away before it starts to bloat up on me

and yes i gained 5 lbs. So looks like i'd need a 18 miler week ? lol.

let me try that

B. Kramer said...

@Sarah - I keep trying, but no luck yet.

@Chia - Not a huge fan of Bourbon. It's a bit sweet for me, but Bulleit ( is pretty decent and cheap. (At least at the one bar I've had it.)

@Xenia - At least I haven't sold out and gotten ads (yet).

Ian said...

What you need is a nice Red Sox hat to run in.

Jen Feeny said...

Oh how I love the race swag!!!