Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now Recruiting for the War on Slow

The past three weeks, Martini and I have made a concerted effort to hit the track at the local university. Though we must battle a youth track team and its rant-inspiring coach -- who was less than a foot away from seeing how well I remember my ice hockey days -- nevertheless, I feel like the Yasso 800s are starting to bear results.

Hitherto this weekly speed work, the only evidence of fast twitch muscles were my morning DTs, but believe you me those twitches are pretty fast. The pacing of my first two track sessions were all out of whack. My intervals were about as slow as a rookie bartender pouring a Guinness.

And on the off chance that I wasn't too slow, I was too fast. Come on, Goldilocks, let's get it right!

Last night, I overdid it on the first interval (of five), which haunted the final 800 meters, but my average was 3:44 for an overall mile pace of 7:31 -- right on target. According to my calculations, my 800s should be in the range of 3:38.3 - 3:48.5.

The digits:
  1. 3:35 (-0:03)
  2. 3:42
  3. 3:44
  4. 3:48
  5. 3:51 (+0:03)

Hell to the yes! I'm like a coke-addled Army staff sergeant at a high school graduation. I'm recruiting fast twitch muscles like a motherfucker! Be all that you can be, you twitchy bastards! Be all that you can be!

[Drunkard's note: The Viper has been slurring about his marathon training plan for months now. He has one. Honestly, he does. Team BHI just hasn't been clever enough to present it in a readable format for you. If you have suggestions, we'll ignore them in the comments.]


Nitmos said...

I suggest you sign up for a 5k in the near future and fast twitch your way to a new PR based on those Yasso's. Then, you can endure a real clever person leave you a comment like: "You're a real Yasso, you know that?"

C said...

I see you've upgraded from Cringer to Battle Cat. Well done.

I'd be a poor soldier for the war on slow. I'm currently pulling out every available excuse to skip my hill repeats tonight. :( I'll help you out by not joining up.

chia said...

You're like a Thundercat only cooler. I dig it.

Ian said...

I did 400s at the track on Monday and had to keep going around a dog walker who was using the inside lane. It almost resulted in a long tirade of a post, but then I couldn't be bothered.

Marcy said...

Lookin good in the hood, homes! Sweet!

The Laminator said...

You're a natural on the track! I say make those youth trackers yield to your supremacy!