Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1 Fast + 2 Slow = 0 Right

In typical fashion, I've waited until the last possible moment to worry about my next race. I've certainly put in the miles, but my speed work leaves something to be desired. Something like speed.

My combined tempos and intervals amounted to just 15 miles in June, the last workouts being three weeks ago. So perhaps you can imagine how my intervals went last night. Something like Yeesh!

For the second time all year I went to the track and did some 800-meter repeats. I was aiming for a range of 3:32-3:41.9 for each 800.

Repeat 1: My body felt like it was doing everything but going forward. My gait was Willy Wonka-ish. My lungs felt encumbered by bowling balls. And I hate bowling. But somehow I managed a 3:25.

Repeat 2: It's amazing how 7 seconds too fast can affect the rest of the workout. My legs started to stride in something resembling an actual stride. My lungs however still felt bowling-balled. I finished in a huffing 3:59.

Repeat 3: I kept waiting for my lungs to snap to it. Kind of like remember, Oh yeah, we've done this before. Not on this evening. I strained for a 3:50.

Repeat 4: Canceled. I'd blame my running mate for feeling injured and wanting to call it a day, but I'm not sure I had another one in me.

But look at that. Not a single 800 in my goal range. Pathetic! How demoralizing. A sub-50 10K is feeling pipe dreamy. I celebrated my failure with some St. Pauli Girl lager.

I wonder how my tempo run tomorrow will go? I may need more St. Pauli Girl.

Rant of the Day
OK, so I have no problem sharing the lanes with a youth track team. I can even excuse these youngsters for their poor track etiquette, but the coaches? Fucking get out of my way!


Ian said...

Crap! I forgot you have a 10K coming up, I would have taunted you with something else in the comments of the last post had I remembered that. The last thing I wanted to do was motivate you to beat my 10K PR (52:07), it's the only PR that I have faster than you.

How's that for motivation?

Laura said...

Will you post a picture of the awful shirts? I'm curious!

Sun Runner said...

I'll be thinking of your quest to beat my 10K PR (50:00) as I sit on the beach in Cape Cod with an icy rum-based beverage in my hand...OH, FFS, who am I kidding, I'm going to be on a BEACH vacation for a week...I'm not going to be thinking about a damn thing except if there's enough beer in the fridge to get us through another day and whether or not I can get the sand out of my ass crack.

BTW, good luck anyway, even if you DO end up pulling a sub-50:00 10K out of thin air. Hey, it's always a possibility-- I ran that on a day when I intended to "go out and just have fun and don't push myself."

Razz said...

If I had a choice between dealing with students and parents/coaches, I'll take students every damn time.

C said...

Good job, slow poke. (Pot, kettle, black. You know the drill).

I'm kicking myself for helping to set up the jewels comment you made. Feck! I had planned on mocking you when I mentioned lotion, but I was already past tired when writing that post so I said to hell with it. Next time.

Nitmos said...

Thus far, my local track coaches have kept themselves in the middle lanes. The angry look on my face probably kept them in check.

The next 800's will go better I suspect.