Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blacking Out

Let me let you in on my Wednesday evening, as the erratic epicurean and I went out for just "a nightcap." [Drunkard's note: Thank you kindly for the beers.] And then we discovered our friend's car in the parking lot after said nightcap. Which eventually led to an offering.

Me: "I'll take a Jameson."
Martini: "They have Bushmills."
Me: "Ooh. I'll take a Bushmills."

Tonight, I try to track down my missing speed with some tempo miles. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to track down my single vision.

Back Talk
Enjoy my witty responses to some of my favorite comments of the last week.

On Monday I recounted my 10-mile slogfest and shared my dead (sexy) legs.

RazZdoodle said, "Heat+Booze+Long Distance Running = awesomeness."

Answer: Clearly, we took the same math classes.

the erratic epicurean said, "damn. you have really nice legs. is that what running does for you?"

Answer: Now you know why I wear such short shorts.

On Tuesday I was forced to show off my mileage for June.

Chia said, "We should make a friendly wager :-). I think I'll log more miles than you in July. Loser sends winner a sixer of their fav fermented nectar?"

Answer: Are you deranged? 1) My favorite fermented nectar would never survive my possession. 2) No way you beat my July miles!

Ted said, "This is hilarious. Viper and Vanilla reminds me so much of Jackie Chan and Chris Rock. Nah, more like Cheech and Chong!"

Answer: Cheech and Chong? Ted, perhaps you need to lay off that shit.

[Language Warning: This video has some.]

Xenia said, "I felt slightly demoralized when I saw I only got in 57 miles in June, but then I realized that's 4 more than Vanilla ran. Sweet."

Answer: You know, it's making others feel bad about themselves that really makes me feel better about myself. I'm glad I could help you do the same.

On Wednesday I described my last minute race training practices.

Vanilla says, "Crap! I forgot you have a 10K coming up, I would have taunted you with something else in the comments of the last post had I remembered that. The last thing I wanted to do was motivate you to beat my 10K PR (52:07), it's the only PR that I have faster than you.

Answer: Not for long.

Sarah said, "I'm going to be on a BEACH vacation for a week...I'm not going to be thinking about a damn thing except if there's enough beer in the fridge to get us through another day and whether or not I can get the sand out of my ass crack."

Answer: And thanks to you, now, that's what I'll be thinking about this weekend too.

Jingoist Holiday Blackout
Those of you unpatriotic swine not celebrating Independence Day with three days of binge drinking will just have to be satisfied with reading this post over and over and over until Monday. I will be too busy paddling to Blackout Island to write anything here. So no Flashback Friday tomorrow.


Ian said...

Have a great weekend! Remember to stay up late watching fireworks and drinking on the 4th... maybe I can keep my 10K edge on you that way.

Razz said...

Bushmills? I'm more of a Tullamore Dew guy myself. Have a Happy 4th!

C said...

I can see calling me unpatriotic as I am an ex-pat and haven't celebrated the 4th for about a decade, but SWINE?!? Dude! Not cool. If I had the money, I would fly to Ohio and trip you during your race this weekend. Or better still somehow prevent you from properly rehydrating/celebrating post-race. Perhaps the erratic epicurean is amenable to bribery.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! HAHAHAHA Dude thanks for the mental picture of of Ted puffing on a big fat joint. Ohhh I love it!

S said...

I'll be binge drinking for my entire FOUR day weekend :-)

chia said...

I'm a smidge over 20 so far this month... I think I might be keeping up quite nicely thank you very much :-(.

I drank "Moose Drool" yesterday and have to report it's a quite dandy beverage!

Hope all went well this weekend!