Monday, June 30, 2008

Obliterated: Dead (Sexy) Legs Redux

Usually, when I get obliterated, it's in the comfort of my neighborhood pub. Or the confines of my apartment. Not so Sunday.

My 10-miler started off well and good. I was slow, but with the heat and a case of the sniffles, it was a comfortable pace. That all changed after the halfway point.

Anatomy of Devastation
The first three miles (and last two) of my route had plenty of water along the way. Drink early and often, I thought, and I'd avoid any trouble. (Never you mind about carrying my own water.) Trouble found me in those desolate middle miles.

I wanted to get this run in earlyish to avoid the heat. But the pub and a bottle of Johnnie Walker conspired to make me sleep in until 10:25 a.m. I didn't start my run until 11 a.m. -- just in time for the midday sun.

I usually eat breakfast before a long run. Not Sunday. I didn't want to waste anymore time with digestion.

Here's a word problem for you: If hydration starts the day before a run and boozing dehydrates the body, what color was the Viper's urine Sunday morning?

On top of all this, my legs were dead (sexy). How annoying. I skipped one of my runs this week to recover from the SSC. Three full days of rest didn't do the trick. However, looking at my running log, I see that I was due for a back off week and my legs almost always feel dead during a back off week. I guess that's kind of the point, isn't it?

End result of this run: I was beat. I was walking for a large portion of the second half. My pace was ridiculously slow, which is worrisome when I have a race this weekend. I sat on my couch in a daze, knowing I should drink my water, knowing I should eat something, knowing I should cool down with a cold shower, but not wanting to do anything.

Hamburger Helper
My weight has been pretty consistent since my gaunt freakout last week. Three burgers and a steak sandwich this weekend have hopefully put the Good Ship Viper back on course.


Sun Runner said...

what color was the Viper's urine Sunday morning?

I'm thinking Easter egg dye yellow, perhaps?

chia said...

Why couldn't you live in MI with all the rest of us running drunks :-)!??! Sheesh. That would be one hell of a time!

Sun Runner said...

Ha, ha...Friday I had two cocktails and half a bottle of wine and then did an awesome 10-mile run Saturday morning. Than I had five beers at a BBQ with a couple of pals in Ann Arbor Saturday night and went out for a run the next morning! Clearly I'm raising the drink-then-run philosophy to an art form.

Razz said...

Heat+Booze+Long Distance Running = awesomeness

the erratic epicurean said...

damn. you have really nice legs. is that what running does for you?

Nitmos said...

I suspect your urine was the color of Johnnie Walker. Now, I'll continue life without thinking about the urine color of random bloggers...

C said...

TMI? You betcha, but others have been worse offenders.

Feel better soon.