Thursday, June 26, 2008

Desperately Seeking Hamburger

Venturing out on my first run since the Challenge, I glimpsed a reflection of myself in the window of a parked car, which I purposely looked toward to catch a glimpse of myself. My heart sank. Uh oh, I look a little gaunt. And we all know that gaunt is no good.

Ever since the Cleveland half marathon in May, my appetite has been erratic. I can't seem to get full and I can't seem to stabilize my weight. I've dropped about 10 pounds since February. That is to say, I'd like it to be 10 pounds and not the five or 20 pounds it has fluctuated between.

Granted, some weight loss is definitely good for some areas. But I would prefer that other people not be able to perform a dental scan without me opening my mouth. Sallow cheeks just ain't my look.

Just because I'd like to run like Ryan Hall that doesn't mean I want to look like him.

I need a hamburger, posthaste! And I know just the place.

Back Talk
Some comments from the peanut gallery this past week and my rebuttals ...

From Monday:

Vanilla said, "You lazy-ass slacker."

Answer: I can't wait to see your June mileage.

From Tuesday:

Laura said, "I will put this rule to the test this weekend. Drinkathon Friday night, marathon Sunday morning (that's ~30 hours before). Hopefully a new standard will be set."

Answer: Good luck with your research. Please report back with your findings. Drink well, then run well.

RazZdoodle said, "What is this 'detox' you speak of?"

Answer: I believe it's the creature that slew the One-Eyed Stumbler in Teetotalitarian mythology. I still doubt its existence.

From Wednesday:

Xenia said, "You don't need an ipod to download iTunes."

Answer: Well, I know that, but do you know how much longer it would have taken me to post that entry if I had to download iTunes and then check out the playlist and then form an opinion and then write something halfway coherent for your hungry eyes?

[Drunkard's note: There's another one for you.]

Chia said, "Have you tried Full Circle by New Holland Brewery?"

Answer: No, but I liked Dragon's Milk. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll put it on my list.

Marcy said, "You're right. I hate you for that vid."

Answer: At least I didn't take the easy route. It could have been worse, such as ...

[Drunkard's note: Do yourself a favor and give this video until after the 1:11 mark. Extra credit if you can ID the song that's playing at the start.]



P.O.M. said...

True story:
My last visit to my dad (who is MORE of a health freak than me), he took one look at me, grabbed his car keys and said, "let's go get a burger." I guess he thought I looked too gaunt, too.

LSD = a long slow distance and long slow detox is sorta the same, right?

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Dude, that actually would've been A LOT BETTER!

C said...

I realized it was obvious when I was typing it, but you’re a guy so I thought stating the obvious was the best way forward.

Foggy Mountain Breakdown?

Enjoy your burger. I hope it’s not overload.

chia said...

You keep losing and apparently I keep finding it.

Yes, have 2 burgers. Lets see if that sways the weight the opposite way.

Nitmos said...

Embrace your inner gauntness. You will run faster...or end up a circus freak. Either way, someone will be entertained.

Laura said...

I got too scared to go for an all-out drinkathon, and went with just a glass of wine. And yet my marathon still turned out shitty. (Pun intended). You win.