Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday: New Stuff and George

I'm not going to get all self-reflective on you, but I've had some time to gather my thoughts about the Summer Solstice Challenge. That Saturday was brutal. We didn't go as far as hoped. And I tried a bunch of new crap that I'd now like to waste your time describing.

The CamelBak
During an attempted 50-mile run on a sparsely watered route, carrying water was essential. The prospect of a day-long static arm curl with a handheld water bottle didn't appeal to me. And as far I'm concerned, a hydration belt is a little too close to a fanny pack. Unless that belt comes stocked with two bottles and set of shot glasses and an attractive headless woman (are there any other kind?), I don't want it.

Enter the CamelBak. The HydroBak (last year's model) is listed in the bike-friendly models. (Another attempt at dividing the biking and running communities, I see.) I got 50 ounces of water and a small fist-size pocket for stuff, if you don't count the pocket for the water bladder. This was the cheapest option I thought would work, so I'm not going to complain about crappy lack of space.

What I will complain about is my back. My neck and my back! Carrying about three pounds of water, and however many pounds of the other crap I stuffed in any excess space, really took a toll on the rippling muscles that had to support the CamelBak for five and a half hours. Of course, the alternative of not having water would have meant death. So, whatever, Yay, CamelBak!

Grade: C for coulda -- coulda been better, coulda been worse, coulda been booze.

PowerBar Gels
I found a great deal on PowerBar Gels to get my electrolyte fix. Unfortunately, the only flavor was Strawberry Banana, a flavor I got sick of in 1995. That flavor also contains 25 mg of caffeine, which I really don't support. It treated me OK after I took my first one about two hours into the Challenge. However, I took one Wednesday before my run because I was starving and didn't want to eat and then have to wait to digest before going out. I felt terrible. Do I really need something to boost my heart rate when I'm running?

Grade: D for next time I'll only get decaffeinated.

Where I found the PowerBar Gels, I also spotted Sharkies. I've always been a fan of fruit snacks and Berry Blast sounded tasty. The chews were a nice alternate to the gels. The only drawback is handling these guys while bobbing up and down. (Stupid pogo stick.) However, I dropped only one and savored the rest. After the run, I consumed the remaining packages from the box while drinking my beer.

Grade: A for approved!

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
What kind of shoes should a runner wear? Running shoes, duh! Well, I came across some sweet vintage running shoes that I just couldn't resist. I'm rocking some 1980s-style Onitsuka Tigers, the predecessor of Asics. (Mine are light brown, gray, cream with an orange logo-thing.) Now, I may have said I don't like Asics, but that's only for running. I like Asics for walking around and looking awesome.

Besides, they're Tigers. Not Asics.

Have a Nice Day
As I also mentioned Monday -- as if I were your source of breaking news -- George Carlin died. Here's one last video. Put on your headphones, excuse the dirty language and enjoy.

(Warning: Be ready to turn this video down. It about blew out my eardrums.)

Have a happy Happy Hour. Cheers.


chia said...

I miss George.

Meerkats look funny when they make whoopie.

Thanks for the reviews, I wanted to try Sharkies but was too afraid to. Now I can quit being a pussy and go for it :-).

the erratic epicurean said...

i was hoping to read that my smushed, higher density, banana nut muffins received an A.

Laura said...

Sharkies sound good! I want to find some of those. Though really, I find Shotblox to be pretty much like gummy bears.

I had the Sharkies problem with the sports beans I use, but now I'm just more careful with the package, and yesterday I ate two packs and didn't drop any! Great success.