Monday, August 13, 2007

I Don't Like Asics

Last month, I bought a pair of Asics 1120s as a second pair of trainers. They have never felt right. The mesh doesn't breathe much and my feet don't feel good in them after more than eight miles. Yesterday, I ran an 18-miler in them and my feet thanked me not.

I'd have worn my old New Balance 766s, but those have been feeling well past their prime the last few runs. I have worn them for almost 500 miles of training this year and wore them all of last year when I started running. I think it's time for retirement. The bottom line is I need new shoes.

Long Slow Death
That's the way my long runs have felt the past two weeks, and next weekend's scheduled 20-miler doesn't look like it will ease up on killing me. I blame the shoes, those crappy Asics. I blame the course, a hilly six-mile out and back trail I run repetitively because there are water fountains and it's convenient. I blame the heat, my god the heat. And the humidity, this ridiculous humidity. And the shoes that hurt my feet. And the other runners who slow me down. And the other runners who make me paranoid that I look ridiculous. And the other runners who don't give any leeway when they pass and throw me off my rhythm. And the unstable running surface that is just a foot strike away from twisting my ankle. And the boozing might have some effect. And these shoes stink. Then again, maybe it's just the distance.

New Eats
I was running late (ha, ha, ha, what a play on words) yesterday after my run and didn't have time to eat at home before I had to go to a family function. So I stopped at my local Sheetz for some MTO and other delectables. I knew the sandwich wouldn't do it, so I grabbed a power bar, a Snickers Marathon. Boy, that really hit the spot. I got the caramel nut one. It's got like 240 calories and 24 grams of protein. There's probably some unsavory ingredients, but I didn't look at those. YUM.

Tasty Fluids
Have I mentioned Magic Hat? The shit is delicious. Their mixed 12-pack was on sale this week and I drank almost all of it Friday after my run. The hops and heaviness hit my post-run stomach just right.

Not-So-Tasty Fluids
All that was available after my 18-miler was Coor's Light in a can. Too much like water to do much good.

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