Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Split Action

Last night marked my second track session of the year. Six 800-meter repeats. What a refresher after a bastard of a long run last weekend. I feel ridiculous on the track and what are all these markings? Triangles and numbers and lines. What does it all mean? If I weren't so confused by all these things, I'd most assuredly be faster. I just know it.

Conquering Myself
This coming weekend, I have a 20-miler scheduled. The longest run I've ever done and the longest I will do before the marathon. The Martini suggested I not worry about my long run times as I have. I need to worry about surviving. I've been so discouraged about my increasing times that I'm missing the point of the training: getting my body used to moving for three to four hours. And getting used to running with depleted glycogen. However, the challenge this weekend will be finding time. I have a camping trip/booze-a-thon planned Saturday to Sunday and I'm not sure whether I should run before, while there or after I get back.

New Shoes
Today is the day I get a new pair of shoes and officially start the farewell tour for my New Balance 766. I'm thinking about getting this year's model of my New Balance (now 767) or trying a pair of Mizunos. Definitely not getting Asics.

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