Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dream a Little Dream

I think in psycho-analyst circles they would call this conflict avoidance. But the fact is, I'm sick of this weather now thank you very little. It was fun while it lasted, but these sub-freezing temperatures have overstayed their welcome. Hey! It's blizzarding again! And so, I've been concentrating on the Summer Solstice Challenge.

Thanks to Ted, I have a fine solution for proper hydrating during such a long endeavor.

The oak cask fluid necklace would allow me to store my liquids like a Saint Bernard rescue dog. I believe the traditional beverage is brandy.

However, there is a chance that the weight of a keg of booze lashed to my Adam's apple could slightly impede my running. In which case, I have been examining alternative hydration products.

Fuel belts are quite popular among long distance runners. Generally, I'm not a fan of these contraptions. However, back in a November post I did come across one that I thought might be suitable.

The Booze Belt is a fine accessory for the Booze Hound's long distance arsenal. What I like most about this item is the opportunity to add some variety to my hydration needs. With two holsters, I can carry two brands of Scotch. Yum!

However, again, I'm not used to so much bulk when I run. I like to run adhering to the minimalist's ideal: enough to cover my posterior.

Perhaps, then I should consider self-contained, disposable hydration products. There's GU, but like, eww! And why? There is absolutely zero ABV.


Pocket Shots are available in all sorts of flavor varieties: rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey and gin. [Drunkard note: Yes, I'm rehashing this topic too. Deal with it.]

I'm so glad that running has become so popular. We are lucky to have so many gadgets available to sort our individual needs.

No, not me. As if! Dean Schuster at Zero to Boston achieved his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon last weekend with a time of 3:15:02. I've been following Dean's sometimes harrowing, sometimes heroic and most times humorous journey for the past few months. Go give his blog a read and congratulate him on a job well done.

Vanilla, helpful to a fault, has a step-by-step emergency guide over at Half-Fast for when you get stuck running. Remember, you're being timed.

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Ian said...

Ahhh, the reappearance of the Booze Belt. Good stuff.

I, like you, do not like to carry fuel belts or anything of an bulk which always creates hydration problems on my long runs. I'm thinking about looking into those camelbak things, but if that fails maybe I'll just quit doing long runs.