Friday, November 9, 2007

Flashback Friday

Looking back on this week's running, I've tried three new pieces of gear. I have a new white long sleeve C9 (by Champion) tech shirt. There is my charcoal gray fleece Columbia vest. And, of course, the Reflecto-Vest. This edition of Flashback Friday will be a week in review ... review style. But first, how do you like your first glimpse of the Viper? That's me all geared up for last night's run. Actually, I didn't wear the bandanna over my face, but I probably will once it actually gets cold.

White Bright
The white long sleeve tech shirt serves two purposes: it wicks my sweat away and adds another piece of bright clothing for visibility. I also doubled it overtop my charcoal gray (I like gray) long sleeve tech shirt, which is not so visible at night. I know, a tech shirt isn't all that exciting, but this is what I bought when those fascists only stocked super expensive, barely reflective but still called it "reflective" running gear. Yes, I'm still a little bitter. Grade: C, does the job.

Just Because It's Not Broke Doesn't Mean You Can't Fix It
Notice the Reflecto-Vest. That knot shown above just won't do. I've had two runs thus far and each time that side has come untied. The other side has been knotted since the Gilded Age and probably will remain so until Doomsday. I just can't seem to get the other side to stay. It seems I never would have received my knot badge in Boy Scouts. I likely would have been too busy earning my Scotch badge -- twice.

Instead of trying to figure out a better knot, I decided to use my ingenuity. I snipped out one of those plastic doohickeys that cinch draw strings from a jacket of mine. It had two, so I figured it wouldn't mind if I harvested one. So far, the Reflecto-Vest is accepting the transplant.

Reflecto-Vest has been very effective. Instead of car bumpers buzzing my ankles without requesting a flyby or drivers giving me the blinding brights "how do you do," cars are swerving away from me and my blinding "good to see you and how's your father." I'm a bouncing, glowing hyphen on the side of the road and I feel much safer. The Reflecto-Vest also saves me from the morning run. Reflecto-Vest, I love you. Even if you do smell like the armpits of a mummy, entombed circa 1313 BCE. Grade: A+, dig it!

Double Vested
I'm not one of those vest guys. Despite other claims. However, the Columbia fleece vest has been a nice addition to my wardrobe. Especially, for these between temperatures. I mean, for seriously Ohio, are you going to be cold or what?

I had a tough time finding a fleece vest for some reason. It seems the last few years, you could find anything you wanted in fleece: fleece blankets, fleece pullovers, fleece caps, fleece gloves, fleece condoms ... you name it. Now, it seems we're into big and puffy. I feel no urge to walk around looking like an overstuffed pillow. This vest makes me feel sleek and keeps my torso cozy. Grade: B, a nice surprise.

Wish List
There is, however, one item I have not acquired. I always thought those fuel belts were a little silly, but perhaps it's because I had not seen this one. I tell you what, I saw that picture and immediately fell in love. I don't care if the woman's face is a double-bagger. If she approached me with that fuel belt ... goodness! Grade: F, as in, Where the F is mine?

Happy weekend folks. Run straight to happy hour.


Ian said...

I've never been one for fuel belts either, but the one that you linked is fantastic.

I picture myself dueling with a friend. He draws first, but I get the drop on him. I finish my shot and return the glass and bottle to their holster's before he does... I'm your huckleberry.

B. Kramer said...

It would appear the strain was more than he could bear ...

Sun Runner said...

God, you're hot. Love the one-glove action. ;)