Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Early Night, Morning Bright

The doom-gloom evening arrived too early last night for a run. I would have gone out if it were just dark. I would have gone out if it were just rainy. Or just windy. But the combo of all three weather events made mixing up some delicious tacos for dinner seem like a wiser option. Instead, I woke up early to run this a.m.

Re: my thoughts on morning runs? Vanilla covered it well in this post. I, however, doubt I'll become addicted like that weak soul did. Morning is not my thing. For a race, OK, but not for a friendly neighborhood run.

It's not that I'd rather stay in bed (yes it is). It's that I'd rather take your head off. You know I'm in a good mood in the morning when I acknowledge your presence with an audible grunt. Running in the morning just makes me a more alert grouch. A brisk run only invigorates my vituperation.

I like to run off my daily anger. This morning's run had the opposite effect. Do you suppose if I run this evening that I'll reach nirvana?


Anonymous said...

yeah, as i was running tonight while my family was home eating dinner, i thought "maybe i should start running in the morning." but i've been there before. it's miserable. more miserable than running at night. AND, how the hell are you supposed to PROPERLY "recover" from a morning run when you have to go to work??

B. Kramer said...

I think you just diagnosed my problem: no recovery.

Ian said...

Ahh yes. But while you're out running I will be at happy hour with some coworkers.

B. Kramer said...

you win this round vanilla, but my first round will taste better.