Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My dad and I share similar running paths. Not the actual paths on which we run, mind you, but our running life paths. He started running when he was 26. I started running when I was 26. And, well, that's it actually. This seemed like a much better story last night.

I've been on the prowl for night-worthy clothing, so I jumped on the Runner's World forums to get some advice on cheap reflective running gear. As soon as ToddMR recommended a $7 vest, I was sold. But I one-upped him.

I did some online searching to see if I could find a good vest, but saw nothing quite as cheap as $7. Last night, I paid a visit to my dad and asked if he knew where I might find one. "In my bag downstairs," he said and went to get it. He returned with the Reflecto-Vest, which he bequeathed unto me.

The Reflecto-Vest. That's it in the above picture. Isn't it handsome? The orange mesh has the sour musk of something that has not seen the light of day in years. Its Google search results in no direct matches. The drawstrings are browned and may require Boy Scout knot-training, of which I have none. The vest rides high and haughty, its bottom edge reaching no farther than the bottom of my sternum. It was not meant for Milan catwalks. But its front and back, blazon yellow stripe will blind you from 400 yards.

The Reflecto-Vest. You're jealous. It's OK.


Ian said...

I am jealous. I've recently been looking for reflictive running gear and echo your complaints. I found several Nike "reflective gear" shirts where the Nike swoosh was reflective and there was a nickel sized reflective spot on the back. Thanks Nike. I'm sure that will do the trick.

B. Kramer said...

And the shirts were probably uber expensive. Screw that. We need to think outside the running gear store. Go to a hardware store for a roll of reflective tape. Go to a fabric store for some iron-on glue. Voila! a reflective shirt that actually reflects! As for finding a vest, check out uniform shops or online at someplace like this: