Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Payback Is a Bitch

I usually just tally all my running mileage over on page-right, in the space cleverly titled "Mileage." I do this so I don't bore you with drab posts about my mileage like some bloggers. However, this is for Vanilla.

June total: 108 miles
LSD: 72.3 miles (longest 26.34; combined pace: 12:00)
Intervals: 9 miles (combined pace: 9:10)
Tempos: 6 miles (pace: 9:20)
Easy: 8.5 miles (pace: 10:00)
Recovery: 12 miles (pace: 9:57)

For those scoring at home, that's Viper 108 vs. Vanilla 53. In fine half-assed fashion, Vanilla ran almost half my mileage last month. I ran almost half his in one day. Who's the lazy-ass slacker now? Granted, I have to give props for the more than half-fast pacing. Cheers to you!

Why My Marathon Training Stories Are Interesting

[Drunkard's note: Go thank Sarah for making my blogging easier.]


chia said...

We should make a friendly wager :-). I think I'll log more miles than you July. Loser sends winner a sixer of their fav fermented nectar?

Unknown said...

This is hilarious. Viper and Vanilla reminds me so much of Jackie Chan and Chris Rock. Nah, more like Cheech and Chong!

Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhhh damn! Vanilla got the ole beech slap. But then returned the favor with a nice beech punch. Ouchy!

C said...

I felt slightly demoralized when I saw I only got in 57 miles in June, but then I realized that's 4 more than Vanilla ran. Sweet.