Friday, May 2, 2008

Flashback Friday: More Dead Sexy Legs

You'd think after a back-off week that I'd be bouncing through my runs like a deranged Jack-in-the-box. But no. My legs again felt dead (sexy) during both outings this week. My pace has been molasses-esque. My focus has been soft.

This weekend is my last long long run before Cleveland. It better not suck.

Slimming Down
My goal was to drop about five pounds before the half marathon so that I could be super fast. I've lost two and can't seem to erase those last three. It's time to get drastic.

I hate to say it, but I blame booze for this weight plateau. After this weekend, we're drying up until the race is run. That's right, it's time to enact the Team BHI mandated pre-race detox plan -- the most dreaded of the dreaded training strategies. However, the two-week layoff will make my post-race activities that much more of a motivator to crack 1:50:00 on race day.

Wish me luck. May the booze be with you.


Nitmos said...

Wow, things must be drastic to go to plan Z. I thought the booze detox came only after emergency liposuction? Have you considered a high colonic? This may save you the need to lay off the booze.

Ian said...

Swallow a tape-worm. At least you wouldn't have to give up the good stuff.

MissAllycat said...

No booze?? Is this another April Fool's joke?

Sun Runner said...

Bah...I drank beer the day before my half marathon last year and set my 5K PR in March after drinking an entire six-pack at a St. Patrick's day party the night before the race. I don't know what I'm going to do for my half which is coming up in two weeks (yikes) since clearly beer seems to give me a little extra edge, but really, I know I should be smarter than that. But it's so hard to say no to an IPA.

Laura said...

As you know, I PRed in a half marathon the morning after drinking two bottles of champagne, 1/4 bottle of vodka, and various tequila shots. Just remember, booze = carbs = fuel! Don't give it up!