Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday: Hammered

May 18 is shaping up to be another dangerous fiasco. It marks my first big race and the first of this year's drinking challenges.

This all began some time last year with an unofficial contest when Martini and I were discussing how much I despise Shiraz. To which he said if he bought a bottle right now I would drink it. He was right. We drank the bottle glass for glass -- after already having sampled a few beers. During the battle we hatched a series of title bouts.

You might think of these face-offs as our Drunk Olympics.

First, in the event that inspired the very first Flashback Friday, there was the Vodka Challenge. And then, the Mezcal Challenge, which is where for some reason I first started misspelling mescal. Sadly, the challenges died down after that even though this next one was always on the schedule.

The original mind crippling brainstorming session called for a natural progression. First, a bottle of red. Second, a bottle of vodka. Check and check. Third was supposed to be a bottle of red and a bottle of vodka. Otherwise known as the Brutal Hammer.[Drunkard note: Here is some reasoning as to why you might drink a Brutal Hammer.]

The challenge: After I run a sub-1:50 half marathon, Martini and I will go head to head in the Brutal Hammer Bludgeoning of 2008. We will drink these cocktails until the two bottles are gone or until one of us is marooned on Blackout Island!

Week 1
This is the first week of my six-week plan for Cleveland. So far, so good. Well, except for my pacing. But I feel like the effort has been good and I will work myself up to my goals. This weekend will be a long run of 8 miles.

Monday: 30 minutes of core strength exercise, 30 minutes walking
Tuesday: 3 miles at 9:26 pace overall (3x3:38 repeats at hard effort, with equal recovery)
Wednesday: 90 minutes of basketball
Thursday: 4 miles at 9:16 overall (3 miles tempo)
Today: Happy Hour!

OK, Teammates, run well and drink well. Cheers!

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Nitmos said...

Super Mario shall soon rule the world, I fear.