Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wham with the Right Hand!

All right, so maybe you're not from Northeast Ohio and the title above means very little to you. But for the uninitiated, "Wham with the right hand" is one of Cleveland Cavaliers broadcaster Joe Tait's signature calls. Especially when LeBron James does something like this.

All boring lead-ins aside, if Mr. Tait had been hanging out with me last night instead of doing his job, he would have been saying this phrase all night. But mostly in reference to my slapping the ball out of bounds. Since it was a cross-training day, I joined a couple of co-works to play some in-your-face basketball on the local playground.

A little background: I am the worst basketball player on the planet. A kid with hops like mine plays ice hockey and becomes a runner in adulthood. My rebounding is nonexistent. My shot should be banned. My dribbling is like bounce-bounce-kick -- not to be confused with the drive and kick.

The only things I have going for me are hustle and my tenacious D -- not be confused with Tenacious D (NSFW whatsoever). Nevertheless, an hour and a half of sucking on the court was a hell of a workout.

A New Flavor
I deserved a tasty beverage after totally ruling ruining the court. While at the local grocer, I picked up a sixer of Coopers' rather foppishly named Sparkling Ale. Sadly, you won't find much information at the link. I got all excited about Pale Ale Racing, but it turns out it's not what you think it is.

Sparkling Ale tastes like a cross between a lager and an ale and is quite refreshing. Coopers is all about the natural and uses no preservatives and there's sediment all up inside that bottle (yum!). The Viper approves!


Ian said...

I play as little basketball as possible. There's only so much himiliation that one can take.

Also, I'm quite proud of the hornets nest I russled up over at CRN.

Nitmos said...

My Pistons have a score to settle with the Cleveland Lebrons. However, I fear I shall see that photo repeated live action several times a game if it comes down to it.

Razz said...

I have a few limitations: facial hair, going out in public without a shirt, and playing basketball.

p.s. - I find it ironic that John Denver hates flying. Bet he really hates it NOW, doesn't he?

p.p.s. - Too soon?

B. Kramer said...

Vanilla, I guess I'm a sucker for humility.

Nitmos, I fear that no matter how many times you see LeBron toy with your Pistons, it won't be enough to actually win the games.

Razz, didn't you know that facial hair is the new black? John Denver prefers to fly his own plane.