Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Around the Track Tuesday

Today kicks off my stupid self-styled half marathon training plan with some track work. Although, I will likely not run on a track because the only good option nearby is at the University of Akron and without a parking permit I'll get towed. The schedule calls for 3x800s at 3:38 pace. My plan is to run hard for intervals of 3:38. Cheating? Maybe. Get bent.

And now, because I'm too lazy to write more, check out these posts from around the Internet tracks:
  • We've stirred up some buzz about chip timing this past week. Following up his blog post last week, Vanilla has a good article at the Complete Running Network about chip timed races that are just glorified gun timed races. You can add those to the list too. [Drunkard note: For the record, I agree with Candis that this sort of thing should be advertised.]
  • Dean at ZerotoBoston has been leading up to his inaugural run of the Boston Marathon with unheard-of daily posts. Unfortunately, his frugal travel choices bit him in the ass when Skybus went teets up. Qualifying for the race is starting to look easy.
  • Don't click this link to Nitmos' blog, Feet Meet Street. It has the most terrifying picture I've seen in some time. I warned you.
Three bullets to go along with my three repeats tonight. Cheers.

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Nitmos said...

I'm thinking of starting a magazine. Isn't that how Joe Francis got started? The race covers the free t-shirt so my expenses will be minimal.