Monday, April 21, 2008


This is probably starting to sound redundant. My knee was pretty sore Saturday after my first 10-miler of the year. However, breaking the pattern after the past few long runs, it felt fine Sunday. And still feels fine today. Perhaps there is hope for me yet.

Four more weeks of training until the Cleveland Half Marathon.

And They're Off
The Boston Marathon is already in progress. You can get updates here. And Dean has decided to give us his own live updates from the race. I have no idea how he's doing it, but he is. Nitmos is also out there. Send these guys and anyone else you know good vibes. It's a good excuse to slack off at work.

Week Two
Another success. I'm still working toward faster pacing, but that will come as my knee continues to improve. Here is last week's rundown

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4x3:38 hard effort repeats (Total: 4 miles @ 9:21 pace)
Wednesday: 2 hours of basketball
Thursday: 5 miles tempo (9:15 pace)
Friday: Happy Hour!
Saturday: 10 miles (10:00 pace)
Sunday: rest

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