Thursday, August 1, 2013

Name Change Required?

Welcome to the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Walking Team! My new lunchtime walking routine has been great for clearing the mind and taking a break from the computer screen during my work week. Sadly, walking makes up the majority of my exercise these days.

While it's not spectacular, at least July's running has been a bit more consistent with at least one run per week. Here is last month's statistical rundown:
  • Total Miles: 15 mile (6 runs)
  • Total Time: 3.61 hours
  • Highest Weekly: 4 miles
  • Average Weekly: 3.75 miles
  • Average Pace: 14:47/mile
  • The Monthly Dif: +5 (10 miles in June)
  • Walking: 23.25 miles (15 walks)
As you can see, my walking stats far outpace my running, but at least I'm doing something. Considering the workouts on my new pull-up bar, perhaps the proper spin would be to say my exercise has become more diversified. Unfortunately, it's not yet translating to the scale, as my struggles to eat better continue.

What has surprised me is how walking seems to keep my legs feeling light on those occasions I go a week or more between runs. In the past, my legs would feel dead and heavy, but now they feel nimble and fresh.

One further note about my running this month, specifically my average pace. Two trips to the par course submarined my overall speed, as stopping at each station sinks my pace to about 20 minutes per mile. Excuses, excuses.

At least I ran more than I did the month before. Improvement!

New Layout Bombs
Boy, you guys really hated that new layout I unveiled in June and then replaced with the current one in early July. My blog stats fell off a cliff, from 639 total visits in May to 244 in June. Ouch! July showed an increase to 365 total visits. You win, OK? Tell your friends I fixed the layout. Cheers!

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