Monday, July 15, 2013

The Struggle Against Sugar

Damn that cupcake. Damn that pecan roll. Damn that kettle corn. Damn those 50-cent vanilla cones. Damn those chocolate covered banana bites. It's the curse of the sweet tooth.

Almost every day, it seems, we're getting something sugary to satisfy this temptation. One quick look at my eating habits, and one thing jumps out: I eat too much sugar. (I eat too much salt too, but that's another topic for another day.) Most of my sugar intake is in the form of candy and desserts. But I also eat fruit, and there's sugar in almost everything we buy from the store.

Sugar has always been difficult for me to resist. Even if I do say no, it's not hard to twist my arm and get me to relent. I need to toughen up. I don't need to say no every time, but I don't need to be eating something sugary every day either.

I saw some video by some science guy about how the human body digests sugar exactly like it digests alcohol, which I guess is appropriate for Team Booze Hounds. Instead of In addition to a beer gut, I'm cultivating a sugar gut. MUST STOP EATING ZEBRA CAKE!!

I wish I could say I got in some good mileage over the weekend, but it wasn't to be. Perhaps I'll be able to say that this week.

UPDATE: The Oatmeal might refer to my struggle as the fighting off "The Blerch."


Redhead Running said...

I asked Spike if he was really "The Oatmeal" after reading that cartoon today, because that is seriously how Spike works. Ha! Good luck keeping the sweet tooth underwraps. If you figure out a good way, please let me know!!!

Carolina John said...

I saw the Blerch on the oatmeal last night. Great comic!

Vinnie Tortorich pushes the No Sugar No Grains thing, and some triathlon stuff that I'm trying really has me cleaning up my diet right now. So the sugar demons are rampant. killing me. Then when you take away grains too it means no bread or rice or cereal and I'm done for. gone. But the belly is going away too and I'll be at race weight in time for my ironman build phase so it's a willing sacrifice.

When you keep the end goal in mind and think about what that swiss cake roll will do to your blood sugar, and when do you want to make it spike, then the demons get easier to control.

Laura said...

Amanda at Run To The Finish is doing a sugar detox program (and blogging about it daily) - you should check it out!