Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quality Over Quantity

It shouldn't have been a surprise. A couple really good beers will set the world right quicker than a case of Blatz. A cup of really good coffee will brighten your morning quicker than a carafe of Maxwell House. A home-cooked meal trumps any visit to a McDonald's drive-through.

In most everything in life, my preferences lean toward substance over schlock. Why would it be any different with exercise? 

Ever since embarking on this quest toward onearmedpushupedness, my focus has been on good form and slow execution over knocking out as many as I can. Days like today tell me my path has been true.

The progression starts with a solid foundation of good old-fashioned two-handed push-ups. Throughout the day, I'll drop and give myself 15. Each morning, however, I'll start with a set of 10 one-armed planks and a set of modified one-armed push-ups, using one hand as a support for the weight-bearing arm.

Today, I was able to do three reps per side, which signifies a new high-water mark. While three reps doesn't sound like much, tell that to my chest and shoulders and obliques and triceps. This shit is hard. But with focus on quality (aka perfect form), it's becoming less hard.

Whether any of this will have any effect on my running remains to be seen. Sitting next to me at my office is my dufflebag, filled running clothes and my trail shoes. On my way home, I'll stop off at the Buckeye Trail and knock out a few slow miles, focusing on quality over quantity.


Carolina John said...

hmmmm gee whiz, does core work have an effect on your running?

WHY YES IT DOES! actually, core strength like your planks and pushups will have be a huge factor in staying injury free and being able to hold good running form for longer distances. It also makes a huge difference in speed.

Do your pushups over the winter, pick a spring marathon and you'll smash it. that reminds me, I need to do more core work.

B.o.B. said...

Oh snap. I smell a challenge. I'm gonna one armed push up ness too! I'm up to .34564. Look out!