Monday, October 8, 2012

Reset Button

Sometimes you just have to give up and hit restart. That's what these last three months of 2012 feel like. Let's just erase everything that came before, which wasn't much, and focus on tomorrow.

Tomorrow will mark my return to trail running after work. Neither (i.e., trail running nor running after work) has occurred since July.

Wow, July, really? Looking that up just now was like a kick to the perineum.

No need to rehash the last nine months any further. What's done is done and gone.

My new mileage goal is 190 before New Year's Eve. That leaves me 12 weeks. To be safe, I'm aiming to average 16 miles per week. But what should be my strategy?

In years past, my weekly running schedule comprised three to four day of running, but then I see the mileage Jess does with her streak of more than 100 days, and I start wonder "what if."

My streak would have to reach 82 days at an average of 2.32 miles per day. Seems a bit more ambitious than what you've seen out of me lately, doesn't it?

And it wouldn't be very entertaining if I was like, "Yeah, I'm totally gonna get a streak going," only to come back and say, "Yeah, my streak ended at one," which sounds a lot more typical of me this year.

At any rate, those are the numbers: 82 days to log 190 miles. Let's do this!


Carolina John said...

That's quite attainable! Go get those miles in.

KW said...

Sounds like you are having the same 2012 as myself. Good luck! Go with the attainable goal. You can always set something higher next year since we only have a couple of more months left anyways.

KW said...
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Jess said...

2 miles a day. You can do it!

Unknown said...

i ... look forward to our more frequent "interactions", special director Kramer.