Monday, July 23, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

While Nitmos made a good point about how I'd feel if I broke my streak of running the Akron Marathon (this year would be my sixth in a row), he didn't say anything about breaking my streak of not running since July 5.

Yep, that one is still intact.

Despite not running, however, I did get some exercise this weekend.

I'm sure Mizuno will be happy to learn that I wore the shoes sent to me as part of its Meckaleckahimeckahineyho Project for doing yard work on Saturday. It was the first time in three fortnights -- hey, another streak!

The grass barely needed mowing from all the drought. The weeds were in dire need of pulling, which I did without gloves and am still suffering the consequences, with a series of pricker marks on the palms of my hands. The weed whacker made nice clean edges and kicked up a dust storm from my burnt out lawn. I really need to buy a sprinkler.

First impressions of the Wave Universe 4 racing flats? Ugly as sin, but pretty comfortable.

Making good on our promise to get more active, Mrs. Viper and I woke up early Sunday morning to play tennis. My wife kicked my ass all over the court until she gave me a couple pointers, and then she kicked my ass over a little less of the court than before. I thought about wearing the Mizunos again, but instead chose my low-top Chuck Taylor All Stars, as they are my only "court" shoes.

We volleyed for about 45 to 50 minutes without keeping score (thankfully) until the heat finally wore us out. I should have worn a bandanna, as the sweat was stinging my eyes by the end.

Tangentially, to those bespectacled among you, do you have any recommendations for keeping glasses on your head while doing activities? I don't need them for running, but they came in handy playing tennis. Light up the comments with your advise and snarky tidbits. Cheers!


Carolina John said...

Wouldn't that be nice?

Put those mizu's to some good use! You'll be logging miles again soon enough. We've been getting daily thunderstorms with 100+ degree heat for the last several weeks, so my yard desparately needs help and my miles have lagged a bit.

Nitmos said...

Here's some advice: Wear contacts.

C said...

Isn't there an elastic strap you can get to attach to the ends of your glasses? If you go that route, you should also make sure to pick up a pocket protector and hike your shorts up to your armpits.

Junk Miler said...

My glasses don't bug me, unless it's really humid. Maybe you need a different fit? has a good selection for cheap.

I've never played tennis in my life. I did play handball in an empty warehouse once, though.

David said...

My dear wife played tennis in college. The only way I can tell the difference between tennis and running is that I don't carry a useless racket while running.

Juvenile Aside: Nobody's touching "pricker palms" in the same paragraph as "weed whacker"? Really?

Jess said...

Am I the only one who noted that you'd gone all "Brit" on us and slipped a "fortnight" in here? My god, next thing you know, you'll playing cricket and waving the Union Jack? Or, are you just prepping for the Olympics?

B. Jarosz said...

I wear sports sunglasses that fit snugly. Which leaves only one problem...

I wear my sunglasses at night.
**cue 80s music**

(Or I let my normal glasses bounce around while I run. Usually I just wear my sunglasses.)