Thursday, July 19, 2012

'We Need to Be More Active'

Sometimes it just happens like that, the urge. The passivity of nothing becomes too much, and action is the only solution. It's time to stop being such sloths.

Mrs. Viper sent me the Gchat this morning, but it read more like a Declaration of Dissatisfaction. We hold these truths to be self-evident that both of us need to stop doing nothing.

We've been stuck in the inertia of the inert, a sticky bog of inactivity. 

We agreed to wake up early two weekday mornings to run the parcours and play tennis or hike on the weekends when we have the time.

Coincidentally, I brought my running clothes to work today in the hopes that I'll still have the motivation I had this morning to run after work. The rain that has fallen today might make the temperature pleasant. Hopefully, the humidity won't be too bad. For once I really want to run.

My iFitness running belt was missing this morning. At first I frantically looked around for it, but then I gave up and instead decided to run without timing myself. I need a "no pressure" run to get me back in the game.


Nitmos said...

The heat is down but the humidity is every bit present still.

misszippy said...

Good luck with the new approach. I agree that going low key is the way to slide back in.