Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Time Summer in the City

Welcome back from your Independence, teammates. Your lack of comments to my last post told me that you found suitable entertainment in my absence, despite making me feel lonely. However, I still managed to complete my runs in between birthdays, barbecues, beverages, bridal banter, and banjo.

Akron Marathon Training Week 5:
  • Wednesday morning was a four-mile recovery run (10:43 pace) to flush out Week 4.
  • Wednesday afternoon was six miles at race pace (8:49 pace).
  • Thursday was a three-miler on hilly trails (11:16 pace).
  • Saturday was a not-so-easy seven miles during a hot summer night (9:32 pace).
  • Sunday at high noon, I decided to see how much water weight I could lose during a 14-mile long run (9:56 pace).
My weekly total was 34.2 miles, a new high. Training Week 6 will include six-mile tempo run, eight miles at race pace, and a 16-miler for a total of 37 miles. The heatwave is supposed to last all week with steadily rising humidity for an added touch of fun.


Jess said...

So, how much water weight DID you lose on that nooner?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new high. I must say I continue to raise my expectations of your performance.

C said...

Good luck with the heat. England just got cloudy and cool again. Poor me. ;)

Btw, I think your future in-laws should still torture you with a baptism. My mother had to go through it as an adult so you should too. It's only fair to pass down the embarrassment of Greek craziness to the younger generations.