Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Melty Mileage

We're getting to the hottest part of the year. Yes, I know it's hotter where you live, with more humidity. But we all have to deal with our own weather situations.

Here are my three keys to beating the heat:
  • Preempt it: I hate morning runs, but I can't deny it's the coolest part of the day.
  • Outdrink it: Before, during and after your run, drink water.
  • Say, fuck it: You'll get acclimated ... or sunstroke.
This morning, I went for my four-mile recovery run (pushed it back again) and enjoyed the cool morning, despite being slow. Tonight, however, I need to fit in my six-mile tempo run when it will be 90-some degrees. Thankfully, the humidity hasn't been too high ... yet.

After I run in heat like this, I like to take a cool bath. It's soothing, but not as shocking as an ice bath. What I do like ice cold is my post-run beverage. I also eat lots of popsicles.


Anonymous said...

I think that at some point heat and humidity become irrelevant.

misszippy said...

My brother is out here right now from Cleveland and got to experience a 105-degree day plus our lovely Md. humidity. But you're right, it's all relative.

I do most of my running early a.m., but do like to fit in a few in the heat just to acclimate as much as possible for races in the soupy conditions.

Jess said...

I felt like I was melting on my run this morning too....when will this heat wave break?

Jess said...

I felt like I was melting on my run this morning too....when will this heat wave break?

X-Country2 said...

Popsicles are mandatory recovery food. Excellent call.

Jess said...

The other helpful thing is slowing down. Not great for a tempo run, but it does help to decrease the pace.

Ms. V. said...

I've been traveling, like all of June, and hope to remember my password on the Google account thingy, but WHAT IS THIS????

YOU ARE ENGAGED???? I am so happy for you, and you should totally wear that shirt to your wedding.

gin hall said...

Vipes, this humidity ain't nothing! If we ever get into the 80% range like the steamy, swampy South, then you are allowed to bitch and moan. This 40% we've had this week is really not bad. Speaking of which, how is poor Dobson doing with all that hair in this heat?

C said...

Don't talk to me about popsicles. My favorite flavor is grape but they don't have grape flavored anything in this country. Only blackcurrant. It's ok, but it's no grape.