Monday, June 28, 2010

Step Back to Step Up

A violent storm system swept through Northeast Ohio last night and most of this morning. The leadup to the rainy release made for some very humid days. Finally, the clouds cracked open yesterday, and I got drenched during my long run. But at least it was from the rain and not sweat.

This week's weather is supposed to be much milder, which should make for good running as I emerge from my stepback week and start building up to 40 mile before my next mileage reduction.

Akron Marathon Training Week 4:
  • Monday was a four-mile recovery run with the Enthusiast (14:16 pace) to flush out Week 3.
  • Thursday morning was five miles at tempo pace (7:59 pace).
  • Saturday afternoon was a tough seven-miler at race pace (8:59 pace).
  • Sunday evening was a storm-soaked 10-mile long run (9:56 pace) down the R.I.P. Memorial Hill to the Towpath and back.
My weekly total was 25.7 miles and included one skipped run for a 19 percent reduction in mileage for this backdown week. Training Week 5 will include a race pace run and some hill work before getting back to a 14-mile long run and a total of 34 miles.

One Bad Week Doesn't Ruin the Plan
Meanwhile, my protege had a rough training week. Monday's run was the only time the Enthusiast was able to get out there. Her work schedule and the humidity conspired against her running plans during the week. We also had an eventful weekend, which I'll talk about more tomorrow, but it led to more not running.

As we all know, sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. Instead of getting bogged down in negativity about what you didn't do, put last week behind you and look forward to what you will do this week. Take this time to rededicate yourself to your goals.

One bad week is just that: one bad week. There are still 13 more good weeks before Akron's half marathon--and countless more afterward.


Jess said...

Bad weeks, like bad runs, just happen. Like you said, best to not swell on it, and instead, look forward to coming week.

Al's CL Reviews said...

So right about the bad weeks happening.

Running Through Phoenix said...

Word! Bad week goes in the past. Let it go.

Xenia said...

Too true. Can't change the past so no use worrying about it. Onwards and upwards!

I'm also thoroughly entertained by Jess' misspelling of 'dwell'. Ah, simple pleasures...