Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: Get Ready for Fireworks

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Especially since I'm rooting for the Netherlands now.

I hope you're looking forward to your freedom--that is, freedom from this blog. Since I won't be stuck indoors Monday in recognition of our nation's birthday, I won't be waisting my time entertaining you. Make good use of your freedom. Happy Independence Day.

Back Talk
Wherein many of you had questions concerning the Viper-Enthusiast betrothal.

Xenia wonders if I'm going to start crossing myself backwards: "So, does this mean you're going to be baptized into the Greek Orthodox church?"

Answer: From what I understand, I'm Greek now ... or least I will be when we marry. Opa!

Despite a rash of misspellings and typos, Jess manages a coherent sentence: "Will we ever get a pic of the Viper in a tux?"

Answer: Maybe from the beard down.

Mike A. is more concerned with my speed: "Congratulations! And, what took you so long?"

Answer: My grandmother said the same thing.

Robin, of A Family Affair, checks for density: "Does this mean you're getting soft?"

Answer: Depends on the time of day.

Now, onto more typical topics. Barefoot Josh and Miss Zippy had some advice for the race I won't be running this weekend: "I think Josh has the right idea ... I have a friend who is sponsoring a 5-K fundraiser in the evening. It is a progressive run ... stopping every 1/2 mile or so at someone's house for a beer. That's the way to do an evening 5-K."

Answer: Sadly, we're not that progressive here in the great swing state of Ohio.

On that note, Happy Hour is nearly upon us teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Don't blow off any limbs during your illegal fireworks display in your backyard. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Jess said...

Man, I really gotta stop drinking in the middle of the day! I type like a drunk monkey!

B.o.B. said...

Hope you had a nice holiday. :)

Robin said...

Viper, if you haven't already, check our the Fur Peqce Ranch outside of Athens. Levenson is doing a banjo camp there. I've been to a few concerts at FPR and it's an amazing experience.