Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maybe This Should Be a Flashback

As the rain has washed out some desire to run so far this week, my mind is starting to flashforward to my 5-K on Memorial Day. Last year, I set my current PR and whipped my competition in the famed Very Funny-Viper Challenge.

Leading up to that race, I set eight prioritized goals and accomplished the top two. Leading up to this year's event, I'm already thinking hard about my goals and the accompanying strategy to achieve those goals.

This year's goals are pretty much the same as last year's:
  1. Beat my PR (22:29)
  2. Beat Funny Mike's PR (22:28)
  3. Beat Martini (22:15 in 2009)
  4. Beat fourth place in my age group
  5. Beat everyone in my age group
  6. Beat everyone of the female persuasion
  7. Beat everyone else in the field
  8. Beat everyone else, ever
As I said yesterday, I haven't done any track work this year. I also haven't raced yet. I have no idea how fast I'll be on May 31. But if I can beat my PR, then Mike's PR should fall as well. (The challenge isn't over yet, pal!) I have never beaten Martini, but last year's race showed me I can get close in a shorter event. I finished 13th in my age group in 2009, but I've since moved up a bracket. My time would have gotten me ninth (just 14 seconds behind Martini) a year ago. Beyond those four goals is a pipe dream.

The Strategy
I've been training on the biggest hill I know of, getting faster and stronger on the descent, flying down and then trying to maintain that pace over two flat miles and saving enough power to climb back up to the top of the hill. That's basically my plan on race day.

The first mile is about a half-mile downhill followed by a half-mile uphill. The second mile is mostly downhill. The final mile is mostly uphill. This being my fourth consecutive year participating in this race, I feel like I know when to push and when to conserve.

I'm going to bomb down the hill at the start and do my best to keep up with Martini. I'll try to hold my ground during the half-mile uphill and then try to keep my pace consistent as I save my strength for the final uphill. As long as I keep Martini in my sights, I believe my kick will finish him.

/delusional rambling


Anonymous said...

Be the hill!

Junk Miler said...

Does anyone else hear Mortal Combat music?

Junk Miler said...

er... Kombat?