Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Quest Begins

Buried beneath my get out the vote-for-me campaign yesterday, you may have read that I targeted this week as the start of my buildup for marathon training for the year. As part of my training, I'll also be running a few races, the first being just over a month away.

The Tallmadge Memorial 5-K, May 31, will officially open my racing season, and I have done little to prepare for a PR. Last night, I went out for a quick four-miler, which was actually quickish at 8:13 per mile. The run gave me a little hope that maybe I can hammer myself into sub-7:14 shape in the next 35 days.

If I can keep my legs healthy as I jump up in miles, the intensity will have to ramp up as well. Last year, I started running at the track in March. This year, I've decided to test the theory that hills are speed work in disguise.

After running the Memorial Parkway hill, I believe I found my new training ground. Will a weekly trudge down and up this massive hill make me fast enough to break 22:29 in the 5-K next month?

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Nitmos said...

How 'bout down and up....and down and up a smaller slope a dozen times or so each week? Plus, some intervals. In for a penny, in for a pound. Good luck.

Funnyrunner said...

cool. so what's the planned for fall marathon? (or did I miss that?)

hills are definitely speedwork, yes.