Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: Bring on the Savings

I have been looking forward to this weekend for months. Finally, it's Daylight Savings Time. I will gladly give up an hour of sleep to gain an hour of running time.

Don't get me wrong. I love getting all dressed up in my brightest, most visible running gear to run after work and still have to dodge cars driven by unobservant drivers. As you read this week, I also enjoy straining my eyes to avoid the roadside ditches.

Running in the dark can be a blast, but I'm ready to put it away for the season, along with my long underwear.

Last night may have been my last dimly lit run for a few months, before I start building up marathon mileage. I took a 40-minute runabout tour of some side streets to check out a neighborhood I've never seen and a few houses that I dream of purchasing.

Back Talk
Wherein the Michiganders outperform other commentators two-to-one ... in idiocy.

Sun Runner
was a bit surprised at the snow in sunny Ohio: "All that sun and 40-ish temperatures weren't enough to melt the vast piles of snow which greeted me at the Towpath Trail on Saturday morning. I walked from the parking lot to the trail, took a look, said, "No thanks" (well, in reality, it was more like "no fucking way") and immediately drove the 25 minutes home.

"You could have at least warned me! :)"

Answer: Oh, I'm sorry, were you not paying attention to my posts about all the snow? I think the Towpath is finally clear, as of today.

Mike A. seems to think my virtual race performance was lacking in technology: "Is it worth ending up in a ditch just because you hate Garmin?"

Answer: How would a Garmin help me avoid running into a ditch in the dark? Wouldn't it just tell me how far I fell and how fast?

Nitmos thinks his shit doesn't stink: "Is it always spring in Ohio cuz....?"

Answer: I just drove through your state last weekend. You shouldn't be tossing stones from that glass house--a run-down looking glass house at that. And would it be too much to get out there and clean up the trash on the side of the highways?

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


The Sean said...

Bring on the light!

Nitmos said...

Pick up the roadside garbage? We put that there on distract from the potholes.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say "drink?"

Sun Runner said...

were you not paying attention to my posts about all the snow?

I hoped the Towpath Trail was cleared of snow in the winter, like my favorite trail up here in MICHIGAN.

Ohio: Fail.

I'll be back in town on the 19th and I will be making another attempt to do my long run on the towpath (weather permitting).


Jess said...

Bring on extra daylight!!!

drdave said...

Easy on the Michigander comments will ya!
Lets just go out and have a good green beer. Wait...isn't that an oxy-moron? Give me a good ol russian stout and I am set