Monday, January 4, 2010

That New Runner Feeling

The Viper nosedived into the end of 2009 with a two-week hiatus from running. However, on New Year's day, I got off my slack ass and went out for a four-miler. My long layoff led to that lead-in-the-pants feeling that reminded me of my first days of running, back in 2006. I was winded and my legs felt rusty, but it was exhilarating to be out there again. So exhilarating that I haven't gone out since. Which brings me back to last month's monumental drop-off in running.

Here is December's statistical rundown:
  • Total Miles: 28 miles (5 runs)
  • Highest Weekly: 20 miles
  • Average Weekly: 8.5 miles
  • Average Pace: 9:41.71 per mile
  • Longest/Fastest Run: 8 miles, 8:49 pace
  • The Monthly Dif: -44 miles (72 miles in November)
Check out that Dif! December was easily my lightest monthly mileage, leaving me 30 miles shy of my 1,000-mile goal.

Moving right along: It's 2010 now. Happy New Year! Here's to forgetting the failures of last year and setting our sights on new failures goals for the next 12 months.

Press the "Reset" button.

So, is this the part where I post some New Year's resolutions and goals for 2010? Why, yes, it is.

PRs I Want: All of Them
In 2009, I set new PRs in the 5-K, 10-K, 15-K (a new distance for me) and the marathon. I sacrificed a PR in the half marathon in favor of running a disciplined race in preparation for my failed attempt to break four hours at the Akron Marathon.

This year, I'm sacrificing nothing. Greed prevails. I want it all! I'm shooting for PRs in every distance I race, and I will once again attempt to break the four-hour barrier in the marathon. I will announce my racing schedule at a later date.

Yearly Mileage
OK, so I fell short of 1,000 miles this year. That's no reason to not set the bar higher for 2010. I averaged 18.6 miles per week last year, and I learned that running more during marathon training helped me edge closer to my racing goal. That's why I will try to average 20 miles per week this year. That jumps my yearly mileage goal up to 1,040. Time to get to it!

New Teammate
This year, I also will be breaking in a new running partner. Check him out here. Any suggestions are appreciated on how to best get him started in his running career.

These are the potential failures you have to look forward to in 2010. Stay tuned. Cheers!

Thanks for not laughing at my absurdly unattainable New Year's resolutions


The Sean said...

You will far exceed your goals this time around.

The Enthusiast said...

I'm sure you'll reach your goals, so long as you have a kick ass biking/running partner :0) ... and I don't mean the dog!

C said...

You're a greedy bastard, aren't you? At least I'm only asking for three PRs.

Your new furry running partner is very adorable. I look forward to seeing more pictures of him.

BrianFlash said...

Nice goals!

I've got that PR goal too. I want one in every distance I run from 5K to 56 mile. Greed rules!

Jess said...

Excellent goals! Here's hoping you can finally break four hours!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Dobson is very cute!

Excellent goals. Go with greed!

Georgia Snail said...

I hope to join you in the sub 4 hour quest....awesome new training partner. How can you ever tell that face, "no, we are not running today...."

Jess said...

Good luck with the 2010 goals! We'll all be eagerly awaiting your failure.

Ms. V. said...

YAY! Now, THERE's the Viper who inspires me!!

Came here to look for your wordle, yo.

Come and run the LA Marathon!!

Ms. V. said...

PS-Where's your wordle? You know you want one!

B.o.B. said...

I think those goals are totally attainable. 2010 is the year of the Booze Hound!