Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: Return of the Rocket

He showed up halfway through, his red hair matted to his forehead from the drizzling rain and he was dressed in a blue-striped, short-sleeve polo shirt and khaki pants. Not your typical running ensemble. He gazed at the people on the track and for a moment looked as if he might start running in this attire. But then he left.

Was this a cameo appearance?

This track session called for 8x800s, backing off as I prepare to vindicate last year's Buckeye Half Marathon and improve on the PR I set in Cleveland. And now, the numbers ...

8x800 meters (goal pace 3:38.3 - 3:48.5)
  1. 3:38.3 - bam!
  2. 3:40 - work it!
  3. 3:37 - uh-oh ...
  4. 3:37 - oh boy ...
  5. 3:34 - crap ...
  6. 3:43 - that's more like it
  7. 3:39 - that's the ticket
  8. 3:31 - just call me Chuck Yeager
Clearly, I need a new challenge. I averaged 3:37 per 800 meters (7:17 mile pace). It seems I'm still clad in plaid.

Speaking of fashion sense, the red rocket returned as I kicked toward that final finish and eased into my cooldown. He had shed his blue-striped shirt and khakis in favor of gray sweat shorts. He might as well have been wearing a Cuisinart.

Back Talk
I gave you Back Talk on Tuesday, so we'll skip it until next week. Besides, your comments have been pretty weak this week. Shape up!

Enjoy your Friday Happy Hour and have a fine Labor Day weekend, except you non-U.S. Americans. You can have a fine regular weekend. Run well and drink well.

[Drunkard's note: Be forewarned. If you search for the phrase "red rocket" on the Internet, you may find some items that are inappropriate to view in your local library. Keep an eye out for Carl Monday.]


Spike said...

Obviously, you beat the red rocket into submission. You should feel proud...very proud. Make sure to gloat next time. And nice repeats.

C said...

I love the abusive relationship tag.

Looks like you've been rather successful with Yasso 800s. Maybe I should give them a try some day. I'll never reach ludicrous speed, but I'd like to be faster than a snail someday.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Adam Dunn said...

I'm concerned that the Red Rocket only shows up during your intervals, which brings me to...what are you drinking, and where can I get some?

Aileen said...

You know you're from Ohio when Carl Monday = awesomeness.

Vava said...

Nice splits! Here in Toronto "the Red Rocket" is a nickname for former Raptor, surrent Spurr, Matt Bonner because he has red hair and took the subway (names the Rocket by some marketing idiot) to games.

Sun Runner said...

When that picture first loaded and before I looked at it more closely I was all "what manner of obscene graphic is THIS? This thing should have an 'NSFW' warning!"

I think next time the red dild-- I mean, rocket shows up you should tear off your shirt at some point in a display of manly awesomeness. That should scare him away for good.

The hubster and I are off on a mini-day trip to Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, Michigan this afternoon. Nothing like driving almost 60 miles to drink beer! Gas prices? What gas prices? :)

Ms. V. said...

I'm compelled to comment due to another Ohio mention. I forgot to mention my sister met her hubby at General Tire.

We were fishing just now and I told him there's a marathon in Akron. Here were his responses.

1) why?
2) people probably want to run AWAY from Akron
3) the only good thing about akfo. Is the martini bar on main street

Thought you'd like that

(my sister lived in beartville. Hey, she came home with a husband so it can't be all bad.)

Oh. And is this red rocket single?

Ms. V. said...

that should be Akron

Blogging from my phone and too lazy to edit