Monday, January 6, 2014

The Snowy Start

In case you haven't heard, wicked winter storms have been rolling through the Midwest and Northeast this past week. We got hit good Thursday. It was above freezing this weekend and raining last night before temperatures plummeted and the snow machine started up again. It's supposed to be bad this week. But at least I tallied my first run of the year.

Sunday's afternoon romp was both shorter and longer than intended. It was just shy of three miles and a couple minutes over a half hour. But, remember, we're not talking about goals in terms of time and distance, but rather racking up the participation points like a good beginner.

Right now, I'm just setting my watch timer for a 30-minute run, which tells you there was no negative split yesterday, and there probably won't be one for quite awhile. Unless I can find a local route that doesn't end on an uphill.

Despite fading near the end, it felt great to get back out there. My legs are only minimally sore today. It felt good to record those first numbers in this year's running log.

This week's goal: two runs. That may be tough with will chill warnings and negative temperatures forecast for the beginning of the week. I'll have to backload my miles to make it happen without suffering frostbite. Cheers!

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Carolina John said...

Stay warm out there brother. Only the true noobs go out underlayered.