Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: Memorial Day Racing

Remember when every Memorial Day you could count on a really, really long race report from me? Yeah, those were the days.

Just as we head into a holiday weekend known for grilling outside, the temperature drops back in time to March. The chill is on, as Glenn Frey likes to say.

This weekend used to mark my only 5K entry of the year, but not anymore. After four consecutive years, I stopped running the Tallmadge Memorial 5K and haven't been back since 2010.

The race falls on the absolute worst day because my sister holds an annual party the night before, which always meant there was no "proper fueling" or "getting a good night's sleep" before race day. I was always hung over, but still always set a new personal record. (#humblebrag)

Furthermore, total kudos for the race organizers for supplying decent shirts, except for that hideous golden diarrhea colored shirt the one year — that was the worst. But still, two of the shirts remain in constant rotation among my running gear.

My first year running the race was my fourth race overall and my first 5K ever, so automatic PR! With a 24:19 finish, it also marked my highest age group placement at sixth.

The next year was the year I broke all the rules, but still managed to slip into the top 10 in my age group with a 23:28 finish. New shoes, no sleep, no pre-race registration, no free shirt, no problem!

And then there was the epic showdown with Mike at Running Is Funny, and when I say "epic" I mean the race report was very long (although the 2008 report may be longer). Also this was the only time my first mile of a 5K was the slowest, aiding me to a 22:29 finish.

My last year running the race was the year I reversed course on the long 5K reports and wrote it all in haiku. The shorter post seems appropriate for what is still my shortest time on a 5K course with a 22:26 finish.

Once again, I won't be racing the Tallmadege Memorial 5K this year. Looking back, though, I wonder why I stopped running this race. It was always fun and well organized. Maybe I'm too scared I'll break my PR streak.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, teammates! Run well and drink well. Cheers!

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