Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Race, Another Bender

Got up Monday morning and ran a 5K race (24:19, sixth in age group). As custom dictates, drinking followed. After a shower and a beer that I cracked around 9:20 a.m., my partner in crime picked me up and we commenced an assault on our livers. It was, after all, Memorial Day. We went to a party/barbecue and drank three coolers' worth of beer (mostly Labatt for me, some Coors Light and a Corona for good measure.) The boat for the Isle of Passed Out Drunk finally left harbor at 11 p.m. or so.

This week I get back to training. I'll be running the Akron marathon in September. Plenty of time for training. Last week was light, but the 5K got me going again. Training in the summer is a little tough for me. I don't wake up early enough to run before work so I usually run after, when it's hot and stuffy. However, I take the position that I punish my body while training so that I can handle anything when the race comes. I figure if I run hungover, dehydrated, starving and unrested that I'll feel great when I race after a week of taking good care of myself. The danger of injury lurks in this pattern, but so far stretching well has prevented me from getting hurt so far for the most part. (I strained my knee in March when I ran after a big snow storm. That was the ice's fault.)

Reasons to drink this week: The Cavs play the Pistons tonight in game four of the Eastern Conference finals. The Tribe takes on Boston with the best record in baseball and they're already down 0-1 in the three-game series. Then it's the Tigers next, who have been the main contenders for first place in the Central Division. And payday is Thursday. Cheers.

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