Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tale of a One-Armed Man

There's no stopping the one-armed man. No, I'm not Richard Kimble or Sam Sheppard, although the rumored source material for The Fugitive TV series and movie was based on an incident in Cleveland in the 1950s. This story involves no murder mystery.

It does, however, involve the struggle of a man with one arm. He is I, and my struggle to be able to do one-armed push-ups.

If you've read my blog for any measurable amount of time, you've probably figured out my penchant for at-home exercises. Perhaps most memorable were the Elevens and Crazy Eights. Now, it's one-armed push-ups, and I'm not even sure where the idea came from, but it's been my focus for the last couple weeks.

You see, I've got these love handles, and I'd rather I didn't.

Some sources (i.e., websites) say that there are two forms of doing a one-armed push-up. One variety calls for a wider stance and a twisting motion. The other variety features the same form as a regular two-armed push-up with feet together and no twisting.

A few of those sources say the first technique is cheating, and the second is the one and only true technique. Naturally, I'm working on the first method.

Whether it's cheating or not, it's damned hard and I feel the effort put forth by my obliques to stabilize my core. Hopefully, this means my love handles are on the outs. At any rate, it's Rocky training montage or bust for this slacker of a runner.


Nitmos said...

Stretchy bands?

Drago! Drago! Drago!

the erratic epicurean said...

"Some sources (i.e., websites)...."

Carolina John said...

Yea one armed pushups are tough, no doubt. Good luck with that.

Jess said...

I can't even do a push up with 2 arms, so I'd just lie on the floor if I had to depend on one arm. Doesn't do much for love handles, though, but is nice for relaxing.

David said...

I assume you have two arms. What are you doing with the other one?

Laura said...

What's your technique for practicing? Are you following the 100 pushup program but doing each arm separately or something?

Also, can't believe I missed your Elevens workout the first time around - that sounds awesome and I want to try it!

Check out for other great at-home workouts... I've been loving that site lately.