Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cause and Effect

Last night's planned five-miler was more like a six-miler because of where I had to park my car to access the Buckeye Trail. The run served to reboot my marathon training after a false start last week, as well as a testing environment for my body. Here are my field notes:

A Study of Wounded Knee
Still feeling the pain from Sunday's kneecapping, the "Hill Challenge" proved to be a tough test for my injury.

Cause: Kicked bedframe
Effect: Slowed stride; pain from heel strikes and descents
Notes: The knee experienced pain throughout the run, but it was only unbearable when there seemed to be forces pushing my leg forward, such as from overstriding, or when going downhill. Not being able to move my left leg as quickly as normal, scatter stepping was impossible. The slowed pace downhill forced the knee to take on too much supporting weight, and thus walking was much more preferable. Interestingly, the average pace for this run was a decent 12:51 per mile. (My previous effort was 12:37 per mile at 5.1 miles vs. 5.7 miles this go around.)

Fall of the House of Viper
My "not falling" boast has caught up to me.

Cause: Slow left knee lift; roots
Effect: Right palm plant
Notes: My superior balance could not stop me from tumbling forward in the "Pine Lane," where numerous roots form a latticework of tripping hazards. Not being able to lift my left knee quickly or put too much weight on that leg caused me to fall when my right toe caught a root. No serious damage, except to ego.

Beta Testing B Vitamins
Awhile back Bob at Ahcuah wrote about how B vitamins help repel insects. He suggests taking three B-100s per hour, and the resulting sweat will keep the bugs away.

Cause: Three B-100s five minutes before start
Effect: Decrease in pesky insects; vibrant yellow urine
Notes: The first half-mile didn't show much difference than past trail runs, but after that the bugs seemed to disappear. This was even after some big storms rolled through the region Monday. Not once did anything fly into my hair, which usually happens about 433,529 times otherwise. Beta test No. 1: success.

My knee still hurts, but it's getting better and it running on it didn't make it feel any worse. However, a bruise still hasn't appeared after three days, which is a surprise considering the bump that surfaced directly after impact.


Nitmos said...

I've heard that if you douse yourself with that vibrant yellow urine, that bugs will not only stay away but they'll act as an air wedge about 10 yards ahead of you, saving valuable wind resistance seconds. Sounds like beta test No. 2 to me. Can't wait to hear the results.

C said...

Does that stuff make your pee smell funny too like asparagus?

misszippy said...

That's pretty crazy about the vitamins and bugs! Interesting. Could have used those this morning when a most annoying deer fly would not leave me alone.

Heal up!

B. Jarosz said...

Sounds like this run is a wash: fewer bugs but more bruises.

Glad to hear the only real damage was to ego - that bounces back. But it is a bummer that B-vitamin didn't stand for "balance." ;)