Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Days

When last we heard from our hero, he was dispersing trail running propaganda that some found useful in a retrospective kind of way. Then he vanished.

The rain soaked the parched earth Sunday morning. The agenda called for 10 miles. Amid getting dressed to run out to grab some breakfast for his wife and himself, the bed frame lurched in front of his knee. He cried out in pain. A bruise had begun to form. The stairs felt like murder. The agenda could go right to hell.

The week ending June 10 ended a weeklong vacation from running as a prelude to this aborted start to marathon training. Last week's planned runs started off fine, but the birthday weekend became too busy to fit in all the intended mileage. And then there was that damned kneecapping at the proverbial hands of an instrument of rest.

"Perhaps this is kismet," our hero considered, while stuffing his face with two cupcakes leftover from Saturday's birthday/Father's Day party.

Lately, doubt had crept into his mind. Although he had a couple good weeks of running recently, the thought of training for another PR effort at the Akron Marathon seemed almost too burdensome.

Friday's run was shorter than planned, but the time was too tight to tack on the remaining distance -- and the heat had already drained his energy. Saturday's run never fit into the schedule, as chores and errands filled the day's docket.

Suddenly, a week that started off well to begin the requisite 16-week training cycle was nearly over without those running goals accomplished.

Does our hero have the mentality to undergo another run at a sub-four-hour marathon?

The reality of being a working stiff with a woman to keep happy has always been a challenge, but the addition of maintaining a house on top of that seems too daunting to overcome. And damn does that knee hurt.

Should he take a year off from the marathon?

Too late for that. This is the 10th anniversary of the Akron Marathon, and the commemorative medallion looks too cool to pass up. The wife has assembled a relay team so that she too can experience the excitement of Akron's big race day. There's no turning back.

Perhaps the training plan needs to change to accommodate a busier lifestyle. The PR year of 2010 featured a five-day-per-week schedule, but that has been difficult to manage so far this year. It's time to go back the drawing board and craft a regimen that features fewer days, but similar weekly mileage totals.

What say you, dear readers? How have you managed training for success with tougher schedules?

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misszippy said...

I say if you put your mind to it, and want it, you can accomplish it. Let me guilt you--I have two kids, a husband, pets, freelance writing deadlines, etc., and I can still pull it off. How's that?