Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Hill Challenge

There's this local trail running group that runs every Thursday night at 6:30. Each week's run is posted on Facebook beforehand.

While I "Like" the group, I have never actually run with them, as their meeting time is totally inconvenient, considering they run about five minutes away from my office but an hour and a half after I get off of work. So instead, I poach their runs and go by myself.

I'm like the lone wolf of the wolf pack.

Last night, the group run was the "Hill Challenge," a five-mile loop from the Lock 29 trailhead in Peninsula to the Buckeye Trail and Valley Bridle Trail.

The route was comprised of four tough climbs, starting with what they call "Initiation Hill," which climbs about 180 feet over the course of a mile. The remaining hills weren't as long as the first hill, but they were much steeper, culminating in the final "Graduation Hill," which finally reduced me to a walk as it climbed about a trillion feet in a third of a mile, over tree roots and high log-steps, which DO NOT make life easier.

And on top of that, I peed myself.

Not while running, mind you, but at the Pine Lane trailhead, which was the top of the third climb. In the parking lot is a unisex bathroom, which uses solar power to light the inside, but because there's no sunlight in Northeast Ohio it was like peeing in the hazy red light of a darkroom. I emerged from the piss hut with a dribble down my right leg. See, it's a good thing I run alone.

Don't judge me. You've peed yourself too. And if you haven't, you will. 

I hoped against hope that the rain would pick up and conceal my errant urination, but alas it held off until I got back to my car. I finished the Hill Challenge with a 12:37 mile pace, logging my fourth trail run in a row. My pre-training plan has gone out the window this week, running instead by how I feel. So far, so good.

Back Talk
Wherein we discuss yard work

Sun Runner recognizes that my lawn mowing isn't floundering: "How is the reel mower working for you?"

Answer: I feel so grown up (minus that whole peeing incident) with my first lawnmower. I bought a Husqvarna Evolution reel mower, and so far really enjoy using it. The first day, I rammed it into a bump in my lawn and had to learn how to adjust the blades, and then had to make several passes to take care of some of the very deep grass. But now a double-pass seems to do the trick. It's quiet. I bought a fairly high-end mower for the price of a low-end motorized unit, and I don't have to pay for gas. It'll probably pay for itself in one season with these gas prices. OK, enough talk about lawn care.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


misszippy said...

Thank you for the laugh! And yes, I'm in the peed myself club, have been for a long time.

I have started a weekly trail run w/ a friend and am absolutely loving it. I refuse to know my overall pace out there w/ all the hills--just enjoy my time in the woods.

Sun Runner said...

Yay! I'm glad you like your reel mower. When it's really hot in the summertime and you mow your lawn, those post-mow beers will taste even better because you really worked for them. :)

Nitmos said...

Now you are talking about urine on this blog? Gross. Are some subjects not taboo for you?

B. Jarosz said...

Anyone who's ever been a child has peed him/herself. And you're right - anyone who denies it is a liar. :)

Are you and Nitmos in a "who can get the strangest search terms" duel this week? Nitmos with the bum stuff and you with the golden showers...

Anyway - what am I going to have to write next in order to keep up???