Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Settled

The streak still stands. Eighteen days and counting without a run. Moving remains the only exercise I've completed in this time span.

Mrs. Viper and I took a break from getting settled yesterday, as we returned to work. Last night, we worked the phones to tell our previous ISP/cable provider to get bent in favor of a competitor that is installing service today, rather than a month from tomorrow. So much for the value of customer loyalty.

Today, we'll return to unpacking and arranging the remaining rooms. This work needs to be done by the weekend, as we've invited people over for a house warming and Christmas tree trimming soiree. Therefore, my only exercise on the schedule is moving stuff around the house and chopping down a tree.

You'll be happy to note that I'm trying to retain what little barefoot prowess I may have been making the house a shoe-free zone. My feet are either bare or clad in socks when at home. It's the little things that count.


misszippy said...

Better watch out or you'll find yourself like me, clawing your way back to fitness! Nothing like a deadline (party) to get you in motion to finish things off. Have fun!

Carolina John said...

Have fun at the house warming! Hopefully nobody will steal some of your shit, you never know what's gone missing after a move. I lost an axe the last time we moved. so strange.